Let’s get down to business and talk about your closet.

It’s every office’s fashion residents’ daily struggle to come up with a polished ensemble to get through the entire day of talking to clients or doing some excel sheet work. How about the days when you just can’t whip out something from your wardrobe and can’t decide what to wear?

Don’t you fret my friend! You can always rely on the classics! A garment as a basic white shirt can give you the freedom to play things up. You just need some clever tricks and you will be set to go! Having these timeless classics is like having your favorite song that you put on repeat, you can wear them regardless what fashion season is ongoing. Yes, we all love trendy outfits, but we also love the no-fuss plain pieces!

If you still aren’t convinced why you should invest on these essentials, here are some style inspiration that will give you some ideas how to perfect this normcore style.

Photo from: @mikylequizon

Who says you can’t wear denim on the beach? Mikyle just proved you wrong! Make sure to have a clean and crisp button down shirt to complement your denim jacket. One good thing about classic white button shirts, you will never be underdressed or overdressed. Again, it’s a classic that you should have!

Photo from: @xenia

Feeling a little manly today? You could totally rock that! Pair your white shirt with a nice fitting trousers and a pair of boots (note: you can also get some extra height with its chunky sole). Finish off the look with a tie and a polished hair. #Girlboss status unlocked!

Photo from: @fbysam

When  in doubt, go black and white. If you want to channel your inner edgy, adding leather jacket in your #ootd will save the day. There’s something about this black piece that makes someone sexy and mysterious. Do we need to say more?

Photo from: @laureenmuy

Laureen definitely gives the #normcore a great fashion update. So if you are being a little bit experimental, take it from this fashionista.. We are telling you, she will not disappoint! See this pic where she tucked her shirt into a tutu skirt? Amazing, right? Remember the scene where Sarah Jessica Parker pirouetted in the opening credits of ‘Sex and the City’? That’s another reference for you.  

Photo from: @chinchinoblecena – Giordano

You wanna look cool this summer, don’t you? Cop Chinchin’s style and get that pastel party going. Beat the heat by being cool, calm and fashionable this summer season. Be pretty in pastel despite the sticky feel that the season brings. This is your best friend and a go-to hue; a foolproof way to always look fresh!

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