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If women can, why can’t men do it too without being judged? Why is it that when men put an effort to enhance their beauty, they are automatically labeled as metrosexual or effeminate? Come on people, it’s 2016! Let’s be progressive. Stop shaming people who takes care of themselves.

Here are some BASIC beauty hacks that men could definitely do whenever they please!



From inside out, I can’t give more emphasis on how much you should prioritize this. It should be second to breathing! Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, then reinforce it by hydrating your skin with moisturizer- morning & night.


Apply sunscreen religiously

You have to take this seriously, I mean it! Not only when you’re about to hop in the pool or beach but EVERYDAY: every single day.  Thank yourself later for saving your skin from cancer!


Facial Treatments

Since when has skin issues been gender exclusive? Men could get serious acne and other skin issues too. Taking care of your skin should be one of the basics like taking a bath and brushing your teeth, and shouldn’t be considered vanity.


Facial Masks

Using facemasks helps maintain the work you’ve done to your skin with facial treatment. Just buy/DIY face mask according to your skin type and needs. It doesn’t need a lot of fuss, just a little effort.


Nose Pack

First aid remedy for stubborn white & black heads.


Eye Masks

To reduce puffy and dark under eyes.



Once a week, scrub gently and shed off the dead skin to unleash your healthy glow.


Beauty hacks for Men: Girlie beauty tricks that even boys can do  

Brow Threading/ Waxing/ Plucking, but don’t shave!

Yes, when it comes to your brows, don’t shave even if you have a unibrow or thick brows. There’s no shame in getting it fixed. It was never and will never be on trend! But fix it the right way, as you don’t want any weird brow stubble or worse, an ingrown! So try threading or waxing if you need your brows shaped and just pluck if you just have a couple of hair to remove. You don’t need to have the perfect arch or have your brows on fleek but tweaking the shape and size a little bit so it looks decent and presentable won’t hurt.



If you haven’t started using shampoo yet, start there.  If you already have, let me introduce conditioner to you. Conditioner, nourishes the hair thoroughly and makes it softer. You can use it on your beard too!



Yep, I have to include this. Some men (I know one who’s only been using shampoo for 2 years of his life because we’ve been together for 2 years now!) just use shower gel for everything, even for their hair. What’s the difference? Shower gel is intended for the skin and not for your hair. Using shower gel as a shampoo could dry your hair and it doesn’t give the nourishment your hair needs. Try and pick a shampoo that suits your needs, there different types such as: anti dandruff, volumizing, nourishing etc.


Lip Balm

Who likes dry and flaky lips anyway? Grab that Vaseline!



Beauty products don’t matter if you don’t get the basics right. Having enough rest and sleep does 99.9% of the job. So put that phone down and get some sleep!



louise moniqueLOUISE MONIQUE

She is an all-around female version of a hustler. She is a make-up artist by profession, brand ambassador for the make-up brand, Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics and a beauty & make-up content creator. Coming from an Advertising & Communications background, she is working towards developing her brand The Louise Monique. She has a certain je ne sais quoi that gives a personal touch to her chef d’œuvre. Get in touch with her via her website:



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