The Philippines has one of the largest diasporas in the world. Just what is it exactly about working abroad that appeals so fabulously to us Filipinos? 

What Is The Best Thing About Working And Living Abroad?


11880497_10206319991311364_3731842368416590966_nMARY JANE MIRANDA- USA

The best thing about living and working abroad is that it gives you greater opportunities for supporting your loved ones back home. That is certainly my experience. In the Philippines, my earnings were not sufficient to cover my parents’ medical expenses, so, the USD greatly helped us. In addition, I’ve been able to secure a more suitable future for my son. Education was free from Elementary to High School and my son was given a grant in College. Living and working abroad is tough and as the cliché says “it’s not a bed of roses”. We need determination, hard work, perseverance and we should be a fighter in any situation.



The best thing about working and living abroad is you face new challenges; you grow into your best self. You learn. You broaden your horizons. You unlearn, and after coming down and embracing a few lessons, culture and traditions, you start growing in humility and evolve. You shape memories that will stay with you forever. And perhaps best of all,  you achieve things that you never thought were within your reach.



Being able to work and live abroad, especially here in the UAE has challenged me in every way possible, from changing my routine and way of thinking to adapting to a culturally diverse country. But hey! Working and living here for 6 years now has a lot of perks too. The best thing for me is that I am able to bring my wife and kids here. Together as a family, we are able to explore different cultures and see the world in a different perspective. 



I love working abroad because it makes me discover more about myself every day. It gives me a sense of independence. Somehow my focus here is stronger. I’m able to apply myself fully in my profession and understand complex things that affect an organization and the people working in it. I’ve been able to contribute to the companies I’ve joined, and somehow, touch lives and gain new friends. I enjoy the working culture, the environment and the sense of togetherness. I’ve learned how to be vocal about my concerns in the workplace. Just remember these three important things: know the country, know the culture, and know the people. And most importantly, keep your faith and give respect to everyone you meet along the way. 





I was once asked the question,” Why do I think Dubai is the best city in the world?” In a split second I answered; “Because I am here! Dubai is the best city in the world because I am here!” I believe every Filipino expat would agree with me that life here is not as easy as what our folks back home perceive it to be. In my years of stay in this city I have learned that the grass is indeed greenest where you water it. Opportunities are futile if we don’t make something out it. When I came here four years ago, the promise of a golden opportunity was obscure. After years of hard-work, my dreams are slowly unfolding before my eyes. I am in the city where my dreams are turning into reality.


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