by Anna De Leon

Being maarte is no longer exclusive to kolehiyalas. Women and men alike, especially if you are Pinoy, you are maarte. But when does your maarte routine become borderline manic? Read and I will not judge you if you tick any of these boxes.

The Kikay Kit. A Pinay’s kikay kit has the following: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, comb, face powder, eye liner, lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, blush, lotion, perfume, baby wipes, nail cutter, nail file, pots, pans, iron, ironing board… you might as well carry your house with you!

Our love affair with the Parlor. If you are one of those ladies who can sit in the salon chair for hours while they primp you, high five! I don’t know how you ladies can sit through one hair procedure for hours on end without going out of your minds. Tiis Ganda is an understatement.

The quest to be white. This drives me NUTS! I don’t know why Pinays can’t just love the color of the skin that they are born with or the hair color that they are born with. I mean, a little hair colour here and there is fine but to go blonde let alone not retouch the black roots? If you can’t maintain it, don’t do it.

The Glade effect. We Pinoys love being mabango. We take a bath 3 times a day but sometimes a spritz of perfume is more than enough to announce your arrival. If you wanted to make the whole room smell great, bring a diff. user or scented candle everywhere you go.

Last but not the least, and I say this with dead pan seriousness, drop the, “I want to be simple” act. First, it is over used, and secondly, don’t tell me that you don’t want to be a better version of yourself. Having all the products and resources available to you so you can become better is the biggest disservice that you can do to yourself. When you are tempted not to buy that concealer to cover your dark circles, remind yourself, “wala ng pangit ngayon.” If you are, then you are probably just lazy!”

We asked some of the most maganda (inside and out!) gals we know about the challenges of being beautiful. Here’s what they had to say!


Kathy Albino - Confessions of MaarteKathy Albino

I sometimes feel cursed hearing these compliments from people, especially from men. Why?? Because other girls resent me for it. Being noticed and having all that unwanted attention make some girls uncomfortable, which leads to bashing. And worse, because of their insecurities they make up a lot of stories behind your back. Now if people will read this and say I’m “mayabang” coz for them I’m not beautiful and I have an ordinary face, hey I’m basing this from my experience ok?


Cherry LaoCherry Lao

I could name a few challenges. Not that I consider myself as beautiful, but I have been very observant about what’s happening around me. First off, more often than not, you are not taken seriously. People automatically think you’re just a pretty face with no brains – that you can be a good “front” to other people but would not expect you to engage on meaningful and relevant conversation. You’re nice to look at, like one of your “lola’s” china dolls, but they wouldn’t dare play with you. This also brings another assumption that you’re weak and fragile, and that you are someone who needs to be protected like a damsel in distress. I carry a butterfly knife, know how to shoot a gun and have punched people in the nose – do not mistake me for a wuss (Sorry! That’s my Tondo Girl side talking). Moreover, people around you assume that you are handed everything, and that you do not need to lift a finger a day in your life. This is certainly not my experience. I know how to cook, clean the house, do laundry, iron clothes and I have worked my behind off to provide for my family. Lastly you are deemed as snob or a high nose and you cannot be “cowboy” and eat like a construction worker in the gutter. The look on your officemates when they find out how much cups of rice you can eat – Priceless!!!



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