Out the 11 issues we publish each year, some are shot in Manila, the rest in the UAE.  Manila shoots give us a reprieve from our grueling schedule here – but it’s quite unnerving for me being the very hands-on (read: control freak) editor that I am.

Of course, out here, I’m able to oversee the entire creative process and give on-the-spot feedback on the entire shoot – steer it where it needs to go, with the help of the entire easy-going and very talented Dubai fashion crew.  Then there’s the added bonus of the usual fun we have on set that can only come from a team that loves to create together – forget about the exhaustion (especially when there’s adobo and rice – yes, curiously, nobody likes to eat salads so that’s has been erased from the catering menu during shoots).

On the other hand, working with Manila via “remote control” could be quite disconcerting.  Still, once you’ve set the brief, discussed it and made “kulit”, there’s only so much one can do.  You could only hope that the talented crew over the other side of the world is able to see what you’ve got exactly in mind.

But as they say, all’s well that ends well.  And so far, so good…

On the cover of our December 2012 issue is the work of photography talent Paelo Pedrajas.  This young chap has quite an interesting and promising body of work and at 25 has worked with the best of Manila glossies.  It’s the first time we’ve ever worked with him.

Check out the rest of the fashion editorial “Woodland Nymph” in our December issue if you’re out here.  Or view it on our Facebook page soon.

On the cover:
Silver and white gown by Fanny Serrano; silver chandelier earrings by Firma; props and furniture by AC+632 and Firma

Photo by Paelo Pedrajas
Styling and Production Design by Carla Villanueva
Make-up by Anton Patdu for MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Aries Manal
Modeled by Coraleen Wadell of Elite
Shot on location at the Dualan Residence, Antipolo City



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