Filipino Kazakhstan: My Pinoy Life in Astana

By Merle Hacildo


My Pinoy Life in Astana, Kazakhstan
Merle Hacildo – living a Pinoy life in Astana, Kazakhstan


I have been a Filipino in Kazakhstan since 2008. I used to work as a private tutor to a Korean Middle school student in Shanghai but opted to move here in Kazakhstan for a change of environment and just like most OFWs, the need for a better opportunity brought me here.




Filipino Kazakhstan
Astana – capital of Kazakhstan, residence. © Anatoly Butyrin |


My Pinoy Life in Astana, Kazakhstan
Astana. A fragment of the central part of the city. © Sudok1 |


Astana is a very beautiful city in the North although it is still developing. It was established as the new country’s capital in 1997. Most people don’t want to live here due to the long and severe cold winter months but over all, I can have everything that I want from restaurants, cinemas and other places for recreation.


I am currently working as a private tutor to a prominent family here. I used to teach World History in an international school here. I did that for 4 years but for a change and because the offer was good, I grabbed this work.


The Filipino community in Kazakhstan

There is a small group of Filipinos here in the capital city and we meet on holidays, Sundays, and whenever we can. There are not many Filipinos working in the country compared to other countries. There is no Philippine embassy here.


My Pinoy Life in Astana, Kazakhstan
Nur Astana Mosque Royal © Pavel Parmenov |


I would say that my life here is a checkered joy and pain. There are times when I feel sad because of the stressful work and because I miss my family and friends back home. Nevertheless, I still consider myself lucky because I have a healthy relationship with my employers and my few Filipino friends here.


Adapting to the host country

I learned to adapt to their way of living. First, I learned to eat horse meat as it is one of their delicacies. Second, I learned to drink tea after most meal, which is not commonly practiced in our country as we prefer cold drinks and/ or coffee. Third, I have also learned the Russian language so I could easily mingle with the people here since most people don’t understand and speak English.


My Pinoy Life in Astana, Kazakhstan
Kazakh child playing in the snowy mountain. © Aleksandr Frolov |


My Pinoy Life in Astana, Kazakhstan
Portrait of young smiling woman dancing in traditional clothing from Kazakhstan © Shannon Fagan |


Greetings to fellow Filipinos

To my entire fellow OFWs, I wish you good luck in your job. I hope that you continue to work hard and always be positive and productive in everything that you do. At the end of the day, you can make a difference in this world. God bless and mabuhay po tayong lahat!



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