Giordano, the global apparel brand known for its everyday wardrobe essentials, recently re-opened its fully renovated and upgraded store in Mirdif City Centre.

In keeping with the times and in a move to reinvent itself, Giordano is showcasing new cutting-edge store designs across the region. The 2000-square-foot store has a fresh new look, aiming to redefine simplicity while embracing a more classic and refined concept.

Space is maximised for product displays and customer interaction; including wider entrances and larger, more comfortable fitting rooms.  Products are also presented in different ways for customers’ easy visualisation of style. Energy-efficient LED lights enhance the customer experience while minimising the store’s carbon footprint.

“As we upgrade our stores’ design, we are confident of attracting more customers to come and shop at our stores,” said Ishwar Chugani, Managing Director of Giordano Middle East.

Following over 25 years of consistent brand growth, the brand has opened 8 new stores this year and plan to roll out the new design concept in shops across the region. Additionally, Giordano continues to expand to new markets with the opening of stores in South Africa, Mongolia, France and Mauritius.

For additional shopping convenience, customers can also shop online at Online shopping and delivery are available in the UAE and KSA.

“In recognizing the truly dynamic nature of the region, it is essential that Giordano, as a truly customer centric brand, be made accessible across all geographies and cultures,” added Chugani.

Providing distinguished customer service has made Giordano one of the most successful retail brands in the region. Its loyalty programme, World Without Strangers, was one of the first global card-less loyalty programmes to reach the Middle East in 2007. It now boasts a community of half a million members in the Middle East, and over nine million members enrolled in the programme globally.


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