Top 5 Pinoy Beauty Products

By Anna de Leon


Pia Wurztbach bagging the Ms. Universe crown makes one wonder as to what makes the Filipina stand out among a bevy of beauties from around the world.  The answer may lie along the aisles of our groceries back home, and now even here abroad, in the beauty products that have taken care of our beauty queens, our mothers and even us growing up.  Before the likes of Likas or Hortaleza beauty products dominated the shelves, these were the legends!  

Likas Papaya Soap

Here are our top picks of legendary Filipino products that will help you elevate your own beauty to a “confidently beautiful with a heart” status.

  1. Eskinol – If it has worked for Ate Vi after all these years, it will work for you. I have tried all the toners in the world, but Eskinol beats them all and I mean ALL! No toner in the world can remove dirt that is in the deep recesses of your soul, more than this one! And if you are looking for armpits, singit, siko, batok, tuhod and alak-alakan that is worthy of extreme close up, then stock up on bottles! There is no nook and cranny of your body that Eskinol can’t reach! Deep
    seated dirt and dead skin, better hide!


  1. Papaya Soaps a plenty – being a tropical country, papaya is everywhere but that is not the only reason why we love papaya! We love it because of its whitening properties. The Philippines could easily have the most number of papaya soap variants in the world.

Papaya Soap

  1. Tawas – to say that we are obsessed with smells would be an understatement. We Filipinos have a unique way of branding smells like, “amoy araw”,”parang damit na hindi natuyo ng maayos” and the list goes on. It’s no wonder that we use nature’s gift to eliminate smells that will make us dig into our smell dictionary to term.



  1. Calamansi – It’s unclear how Filipinos became obsessed with showing off white armpit. Having white armpits has become a status symbol and what better way to make that happen than turning to another one of nature’s gifts, the calamansi.


  1. The Hilod – Before the loofah, the shower mitts, there was the hilod! This pumice stone will remove all your dead skin like it is nobody’s business! Use with caution because it can skin you alive and you might end up looking like Deadpool!

The Hilod

So, there you have it. How many of these Gandang Pinoy items have you used? Did it work? Are you still using it? Tell us all about it!

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Anna de Leon


Life devoid of makeup and fashion is life lived in mediocrity – a sentence that Anna has lived by since she discovered her 1st Vogue magazine at the age of 9. Empowering women through beauty has always been her passion and she believes that women can rule the world in their stilettos, red lips and razor sharp intelligence.









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