Illustrado EIC on Debunking the Negative Filipino StereotypeMs. Lalaine -Ananke

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Special thanks to Features Editor Clare Dangalan and Ananke Magazine – Celebrating Visionary Women.




We all see things and people through some sort of lenses. Now, whether they be rose-tinted ones or heavily-darkened by negative bias or prejudice, mainly depends on what we have been told, taught, and what we have experienced.

In the UAE where people from various ethnic backgrounds merge into one rich, collective melting pot, there are both opportunities to discover and learn about other people, and opportunities that may well be missed.

Lalaine Chu-Benitez, a highly successful Filipina marketer, media practitioner and entrepreneur, aware of the stereotypical image of the Filipino in the Middle East, learned early on how important it was to be honest, assertive, to just be herself, and to never put up with any type of discrimination.

What were your feelings/expectations when you first moved to Dubai? How about towards your first job here?

Just like most young people reluctant to leave friends behind, I was quite unhappy to leave the Philippines and move to Dubai 25 years ago, fresh out of college, at my parents’ request. I was part of the earlier wave of second generation Filipinos back then – children of OFs (Overseas Filipinos) who were mostly petroleum engineers.


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