As a righteous counterpoint to the forward thrust of this issue, we’re celebrating some of our favorite stuff from the bygone decades. These aren’t just knick-knacks these are venerated cultural icons! 

Evoluderm Argan Oil ScrubEvoluderm Argan Oil Scrub

We love a good face scrub. However, most scrubs can be so abrasive that they feel like they obliterate rather than exfoliate. Not this one. This Argan oil-based scrub manages to be robust enough to make your skin feel polished and renewed whilst imparting moisture, plumpness, and glow. And it smells good enough to eat too! Sold exclusively at Tati, City Centre Mirdiff.





Nikon D3400Nikon D3400

Keep your Instagram aesthetic on point with this nifty new Nikon DSLR! It’s compact and handy, but packed with enough firepower to take ur photography from “Meh” to “My gawd!” And with the new Snapbridge app, you need not sacrifice quality for convenience. Via blootooth, you can pair the camera with your mobile device quickly and seamlessly, allowing you to save and view your photos on your phone as you snap. Oh and the price point is pretty darn unbeatable too. For enquiries, go to the Where To Buy section of


Brazilian Churrascaria at FogueiraBrazilian Churrascaria at Fogueira

Churrascaria is a carnivore’s utopia. Imagine sitting at a table in a festively decorated hall and being served rounds upon rounds of succulent, exquisitely flavored cuts of meat. At Fogueira in Ramada Plaza JbR, that means 15 different cuts of meat. 15!!! How do you even…? Unbelievable. If you have not tried it, you have not tried meat. Give Fogueira a call now and book a table: 04 439 8888 or 04 439 8813


Byphasse Micellar Makeup Remover SolutionBrazilianByphasse Micellar Makeup Remover Solution

Hardly anyone talks about how difficult it can be to find a makeup remover that does exactly what it’s supposed to do without making your skin feel squeaky and desiccated. This one does the trick! It does not feel hyperacidic or astringent at all. It’s like water, but imbued with special powers – gentle, but gets the job done. Get it at Tati in City Centre Mirdiff.





Macbook Pro (Retina 13-inch Early or Mid 2015)Illustrado Stuff macbook pro retina

We don’t want to go full nerd about this one, because we could very easily consume an entire page or two with a superlative-filled review, so we’ll keep this brief. It’s fast, it’s lightweight, it has a long battery life, and it embodies all things great and virtuous about Apple products. This doesn’t even feel like an “investment” anymore. It’s something you just gotta have. Just gotta.



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