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To be honest, there are so many names to call what I do. I am a booker, I’m an agent, a model/talent representative, a producer, an event manager and there are times I am also a model, a stylist and a choreographer. To say just one job title is an understatement. My job engages me in different fields of fashion, entertainment and events. I personally think this is what makes my job unique and interesting. The unpredictability of my jobs just excites me. One day I am booking models for a television program, the next day I will find myself choreographing a fashion show.


My typical working day would be mainly on the phone as Ideal with different kinds of people every day. You will see me always talking on the phone, answering emails, typing messages on BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or what have you. If a mobile phone that could be implanted into humans were to be invented, I will be the first one in the queue of people willing to undergo such surgery. But since my job is so random, I cannot be contained in the office as I need to go to different places, depending on what my job calls for.

I can say the best thing that has happened to me so far on this job is our project for Abu Dhabi Tourism. We did the full photography production for 30 day–non-stop. As in we are always on the go, ready to shoot the different locations in Abu Dhabi. That particular project gave me so many experiences that contributes to my being a well-rounded person right now. And plus I get to see the most breathtaking spots in Abu Dhabi and enjoy the best food out there.


People sometimes underestimate me but after all the work is done, I usually always receive overwhelming appreciation and praise. I have clients sending me long emails saying “You did a really good job” or giving me gift because I was there to sort out or organize everything even without being asked.

My message to my beloved Kabayans is be non-stop. I have learned from my job the value of acceptance and always moving forward. The world is not perfect and it will never be. But to slow down and give up will never give you the best results. If you have a dream, keep chasing it. If there would be barriers, use that as a reason to move on. Do. Not. Stop.




I work for IMC Doha, it’s an events and exhibition contracting company. As a Projects Coordinator, I am in charge of the execution of visual communications and display for clients who will be participating at exhibitions and conferences. I also formulate sports related activities for some of the leading organizations in Qatar, like Qatar Basketball Federation, Qatar Football Association, Qatar Handball, to name a few. It is very exciting to be part of Qatar’s booming sports business industry and to work at some of the country’s international stadiums and arenas.

My day would start by going through my to-do list. Then I would read my emails for all communications, it may be an event or stand order, new tender or just simple inquiry or request. I check with design team for artworks, finalize costing to be submitted to finance for pricing, daily follow ups to our workshop regarding progress and delivery of a project and of course, oversee the arrangement of set-up, décor or equipment to make sure everything is accurate.

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It’s a nice feeling when you know that one reason why you were hired is because you are a Filipino. I believe that we have a competent nature and very good reputation as professionals. Personally, to get constant calls from my bosses saying that I am doing a great job and they are very appreciative is enough affirmation and motivation for me.

Whatever our job is, lets us all strive for excellence. I hope that we open our hearts and mind and be receptive to learning. Success is not a one-time thing; personally I believe it is a habit–so never ever give up.


Freelance Make Up Artist


My job function is beautification or anything that requires makeup. In short, lahat ng gustong gumanda papagandahin ko — for photoshoot, bridal, events, fashion show, TV Commercial or print add.

My job is my passion, I’m in love with it. Pag nakaka kita ako ng make-up, feeling ko ang saya saya and every time I make people beautiful there is a feeling of satisfaction for me. I Iove to see na napapaganda ko ang mga tao or something na outcome ng imagination ko. I love to do it especially creating something unique. I didn’t learn my skills , maybe I was born with this talent.

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I do tutorials also for those who want to learn , its my privilege to share my talent with others. I truly believe that in everything you do, you should do it with your heart, and you will succeed.


Roy Francis Manalang

Channel Controller/Recording and Servicing


On the Job_workstation

 I work as a Channel Controller/Recording and Servicing in Etisalat, a leading telecommunications operator and one of the largest corporations in the six Arab countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. I’m in the IPTV/Broadcasting part of the company that completes the e-Life (landline, internet and TV) package and services.

Aside from being with my wife and kids, I do photography on my spare time. I’m passionate about nature/landscape photography. Being one with nature relaxes my body and soul. Photography has given me the chance to interpret my visual language into pixels, the opportunity to travel far flung and scenic places, and the most rewarding is to see my works in publications, photography exhibits, on someone else’s wall and in the 2012 National Geographic Arabia Calendar. I organize and conduct photography workshops together with my group “The Lightcatchers”. On some occasion aside from photography I’m also into participating in Filipino activities and causes here in the UAE.

On my spare time_photo exhibit

My typical day would be overseeing the whole transmission and operations of multiple HD and SD channels to be aired and delivered to the subscribers/viewers accordingly. I handle mixed type of programming which includes exclusive channels special broadcast, advertising insertions and Pay-per-views. It also includes real time monitoring of all on-air channels along with the equipment conditions. Practically I’m in a television station with 12+ channels airing at the same time so to speak and it’s not an easy task to do.

Being on this job requires me to be a dynamic player, one that could handle multiple tasks and be in a situation that requires immediate solution; that every second off-air is a waste of precious time. Fourteen years of being in the company and handling these operations, my superiors are confident in entrusting these key responsibilities on my watch specially those Pay-per-view’s (boxing, wresting and other sports) and special broadcasts (Etisalat’s Channel for CABSAT, GITEX, UAE National Day etc.)  Whatever success I earned reflects as well on fellow Filipino colleagues at work which perceives us to be as hardworking and trustworthy. I’m a wide viewer and I’m very happy to be in this job I love, I always have the opportunity to watch newly released films for video-on-demand, sport events (Pacquiao’s fights are my favorite), WWE specials. It’s all just part of the job and it’s all for free.

To my fellow Filipinos overseas worker, being an expatriate in any country is not a piece of cake. Respect the laws and norms of your host country, be mindful that we are here to forge our dreams; an opportunity that is absent to others. We should be grateful that our chance is at hand, I believe that through inspiration, determination and good work ethics will bear the fruits of success though it may be difficult and full of challenges. Appreciate that our presence here abroad is a blessing and not a burden or sacrifice. Do what you do best and everything will fall into place.


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