Electrical Engineer-ADNEC

Dubai, UAE

JOEL FORONDA  Electrical Engineer-ADNEC  Dubai, UAE

To an optimist, the glass is half full. To a pessimist, the glass is half empty. But to an Engineer, the glass is always twice as big as it needs to be.

As an Electrical Engineer in a consulting firm, I review, analyze, and recognize technical problems in all electrical design and material submittals pertaining to construction. My role is multi-layered, and is at the core of an integrated building services design. Our skills include power system planning, power distribution, lighting design, life safety system, vertical transportation and construction coordination.


My typical day consists of managing the timely review of drawing and material submittals, plus handling the daily work inspection requests on the projects. Effective communication is crucial in my role. Most days, I have at least an hour of meetings plus an hour or two of answering emails. The rest of my time is spent investigating design problems. This requires collaboration with other engineers and architects.


Believe in yourself. Every trial comes with its own reward. Be happy with what you have in life and make it a habit to share your blessings. Be an active contributor to the betterment of the world.



Senior Officer-Customer Relation- ETA Star Property Developers

Dubai, UAE

JOYCE ALCANTARA  Senior Officer-Customer Relation- ETA Star Property Developers  Dubai, UAE


 I am currently working as a Senior Customer Relations Officer in one of the private Real Estate Developers in Dubai for almost two years. Part of my job is to interact with our investors, basically after sales, liaising with investors on project updates, handover of their properties etc. I am a people person and it has been my forte to be in the field of customer service, my job is indeed very interesting as you will get to know different kinds of people and being able to respond to various complains and yet know how to maintain the composure and professionalism.


This is not my first job in Dubai. I have been working here for almost 12 years. I started my career in the hotel industry in one of the five star hotels, from reservations agent to Sales Executive for five years. Then I realized, its time to move out of my comfort zone and try a different field for a change, hence I shifted to the property industry and joined as a Customer Relations Executive in one of the private developers in Dubai and eventually I got another opportunity to excel and joined in another private developer as a Senior Customer Relations Officer till date. The journey of my career has not been easy, it takes a lot of patience and determination to be able to stay in this very competitive city.


The most important lesson I had learned is, to be humble and to believe in yourself that anything is possible and to keep on taking risks in life so that you can tell yourself that it’s better to try than never.




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