3 Ways to Summer Beauty

By Anna De Leon

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Yes, you might hate the hot weather in Dubai, however, there is no reason as to why we shouldn’t embrace the season of summer dresses, tans and beach waves.

Unlike the colder months where we have the tendency to wear a ton of makeup and actually get away with it, summer is pared down.  Time to keep full coverage foundation in the vanity and go easy on the contour. If you want to exude the Gisele Bundchen aura, read along for some tips and tricks and let me help you breeze through summer in 3 gorgeous ways.


  1. Trade your full coverage foundation for a bb or cc cream. This not only provides sheer coverage but also acts as a moisturizer and provides your skin with much needed antioxidants. BB and CC Creams aren’t purely cosmetic; they are skincare products as well.


  1. Conceal. If I were stuck in an island and was asked to bring only one article of makeup, it will be a concealer. Hide your dark circles with a yellow undertoned concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin. Press the concealer with your ring finger. The warmth of your hands will break down the product making it blend into your skin better.


  1. Summer beauty is all about that “I woke up like this” vibe. While it is okay to define your brows and to contour, you have to take it down a notch. No harsh lines. Instead of contouring, why not bronze? Apply bronzer lightly on where the sun would kiss your face (hit is such a strong word) the apples of the cheeks, chin, forehead and bridge of the nose.


  1. If you want a more dramatic look for the hot summer nights, there are two (2) fool proof ways to sizzle. Your eyes can either have the spotlight or be a Summer Siren by highlighting your eyes and lips.


  1. Having the smoldering  “come hither eyes” that will give Dubai Summer a run for its money is as easy as investing on a good brown or black eye pencil. Consider a water proof one. Line your waterline and tight line. Using an angled brush, smudge some brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Curl your lashes, apply one coat of mascara, comb through and reapply mascara, et voila!


  1. Being the Summer Siren is as easy as trading your nude lips to a fiery red. Make sure that you apply your red lipstick precisely as dark, rich colors are unforgiving and there is nothing more alluring than a perfect red pout. 🙂


Being a Summer Beauty is not hard, in fact, it is easier than the full on glam looks commonly found during winter. It is all about that radiant sun-kissed look that it light, breezy and easy on the eyes 🙂


Anna de Leon


Life devoid of makeup and fashion is life lived in mediocrity – a sentence that Anna has lived by since she discovered her 1st Vogue magazine at the age of 9. Empowering women through beauty has always been her passion and she believes that women can rule the world in their stilettos, red lips and razor sharp intelligence.

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