Life Makeover:  Declutter and make 2015 your best year ever

By Anna de Leon

Life Makeover

“I will lose weight, I will save money.” “I will do this … I will do that…” The lists of resolutions, as well as, possibilities are endless once the New Year rolls in. But no, we will not tell you to hit the gym six days a week to lose the pounds gained from eating lechon and leche flan, or start-up a savings plan – the one that you’ve been postponing for the last three years.  Instead, here are basic tips that could be the foundation of your best year yet.

The New Year gives you 365 days of new chances and possibilities to better and reinvent yourself, but sometimes unnecessary baggage – i.e. people (yes, they exist), objects and feelings, hinder these personal improvement plans.  Often, we tend to overlook these basic things that need our attention. But to properly see the great opportunities that are mostly just right under our noses, one must, first and foremost, de-clutter.  Mind you, the concept is not exclusive to your material possessions.  It applies to almost everything in your life.

Spring clean your social media account.

One of the most common places where we find clutter is, no, not in our houses, but in our Facebook accounts!

Delete, unfriend, unfollow those people who post nothing but complaints or those who simply just annoy you.  If you haven’t spoken or interacted with this FB contact in the last 6 month, unfriend them. What is the point?


Don’t follow Rose’s advice and “Let it go!”

Look inside your closet, if you haven’t worn that top in the last six months, give it away.  If it doesn’t fit now, it will not fit in the next two weeks. I am not saying that you will not lose weight, but some of us do suffer from separation anxiety with objects – just like “I can’t throw this candy wrapper away because he gave it to me on our first date.”  Memories are kept in our brains and hearts and not in inanimate objects. So, “Let it go!”

Ditch last season’s baggage and I don’t mean the Fendi Tojour

Empty your heart of hatred, jealousy and any vicious feelings that will make the Evil Queen or Bella Flores blush. It feels heavy. And besides, who wants to keep that along with the pounds gained from the holiday season?

It is easier said than done, but honey, these feelings were incurred last year, alongside with the launch of the Valentino Rock Stud pumps, which makes it so last season.  Hanging on to these is simply tragic, like wearing acid wash jeans with your high-cut Reeboks – a fashion and life faux pas.

Junk food out of sight – out of mind

Life Makeover

Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I bet she has never tasted Nutella because she doesn’t have it in her pantry now or before her pants-dropping stint with Calvin Klein back in the early 90’s with Marky Mark.

Do you seriously want to lose that weight that you have been trying to lose for the last three years? De-clutter your pantry! Eighty percent of your weight loss success lies in what you put in your tummy. You cannot out train a bad diet. Period.

Get rid of crisps and cookies at home, which you will most likely reach for at 12mn.  Cutting back even if it is just ¼ cup of rice from your usual 1 cup is better than eliminating it, and going back to it after you realize that you and kanin are  just inseparable.

The first few items may seem funny and downright superficial but these basics could work wonders if seriously applied to your life.  Remember, starting out with a clean slate is as important as having the right plan to move forward.

Of course, after all that de-cluttering and emptying those aspects of your life that were holding you back, you now have to fill-up on the good stuff.

Now that you have eliminated toxic and negative people, fill your life with friends who will really have your best interest at heart. Who will be with you in good and bad times, and who will really be happy for your good fortune.

Start each day, not on your phone checking FB or IG, but with a prayer of thanks to Him for what you already have. It sounds like a cliché but looking at your cup as being half full and not half empty has a huge impact not only on your heart, but also on your mind and body, as well.

Now that you start your day with a smile and a positive outlook, it is time to stretch those muscles and sweat. You don’t have to work out for an hour if you don’t have time in the morning, but a little stretching, even for just 10 minutes will make a huge difference.

Life Makeover

We have all been told about how important breakfast is, and I will tell you again that you should never skip it. What you have in the morning determines how you will function and eat for the rest of the day. Steer clear of insulin-spiking breakfast items like croissants which are filled with sugars. Instead, try starting your day with a healthy and satisfying smoothie.

So you see?  Life is simple, really. The key is to de-clutter.  It will give you so much clarity.  Once your slate is clean, fill it up with all things good and I guarantee you that 2015 will be your best year yet.



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