The Annie B Chronicles: “Mabuhay Dubai!!!”

Marilyn B

“Welcome to Dubai Annie B!” Dizzizit!  The moment I been waiting for – to see the city of the promised land – where taxis are not named “Bulaklak”,”Rocalex” or “New Rocalex” anymore, where all places are air-conditioned and people live in condominiums – okay, flats – and opportunities are everywhere, where sky’s the langit!

“Mabuhay, I am Athena Daffodil Batobalani from Orion, Bataan, Philippneeeeessss!!!”

Dressed in my Marlyn Monroe outfit, me and my cousin Froricel arrived at Deira City Center, which reminded me of SM Megamall.  I can’t wait to shop! But of course, I need to get a job first.  So window-shopping muna….

I’m amazed with all the handsome men around me – locals who look like Richard Gomez and Ian Veneracion, Europeans that looksalike of Brad Pitt, and Indians and Pakistans mala Christopher de Leon and of course, other Arabs that remind me of John Spainhour … Come to Mama, my dear Papas!!!

Later on, my cousin’s suitor, Prakash, joined us for dinner in Chili.  Prakash is weird.  He kept shaking his head all the time.  He can’t seem to get satisfied.  “Are you ok?”  He swings his head….”Do you want some fries?”  Swings his head but goes on to finish the fries in my plate…”You’re really hungry, noh?” swing his head again.  “Are you joking my leg?!!!”  swings his head again…”Hay whatever you say so!”

After dinner, we went for a joy ride.  My jaws dropped as I saw the high-techness of Dubai.  Well…well… well…look what do we have here.  The skycapers along Sheikh Zayed Road are amazing – like Makati times ten… parang… New York! I felt like I am in a movie.  “Wooooowwww!!!!”  Haneep!!!  Shocking!!!”  I can’t find the words to describe Dubai.  I was also witness the fantastic luxury place of them all – the Burj Al Arab!!!” My cousin told me that it is 7-stars hotel.  I can’t believe it because I only know 5-stars hotels in Makati.  And the shape – it looks like a space ship from Star Wars!!!”

Then we drive around Jumeirah, which is like Forbes Park. So full of big mansions!  Unlike in Manila, they light up their houses very brightly – maybe to scare the Akyat Bahay Gang here.  On the road, I also saw the sports cars – Perari, Porsh, Lamborgenie – they have it all here!!!  Next time I need to have non-stop Kodakan with all the cars, the buildings and houses around Dubai.

Then we went to Jules Bar – sossy place with lots of kabayans and other lahi.  I was so surprised because the bands are Pinoy. The place was so crowded, standing room only.  My cousin ordered Bullfrog. I liked it but I miss Gin Pomelo.  They don’t have it there.  The place was very full of fun – everyone was having a good time!

After we finished our drinks, we moved to another bar – this time a Pinoy kind.  We arrived in Ratsky’s – I’m so glad they also have a branch here.  This way I won’t get homesick.  The place was jampacked with Pinoys.  I noticed there is no dress code. Most of our kabayans were dressed in basketball jerseys, shorts and tsinelas – how comfy!  I felt overdressed of course – as always.  The bar’s band sang more Tagalog songs.  Most of their repertua were from Bon Jovi, Celine Dion and Aegis. I get sentimental whenever I hear….”Heto ako, basang basa sa ulaaaaannn!!!!”

Ahh, painful memories from the past.   Who cares?  Everything is all spilled milk under the bridge.  I am now in Dubai – and soon, my dreams will about to be true.  I am after all, a woman of the world nowadays – ready to conquer the world under the tips of my finger in my hands, where I can have my cake and bake it too… Dubai, here I am…are you ready for Annie B?!!!

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