It’s a Man’s World:  what’s so great about being a boy?

Ika nga ni James Brown, “It’s a man’s world!” Or is it really? Decades of intellectual and cultural evolution have lessened the proverbial divide between the male and the female of our species, pero hindi mapagkakaila that boys sometimes still get a pass just for being boys. The recent US elections, case in point.  

We asked some of the boyest boys we know: “Ok so you’re a boy. Weno ngayon?”


Ginno Gene Alducente - Hong KongGinno Gene Alducente - Hong KongGinno Gene Alducente – Hong Kong

The best thing about being a boy/man is the ” wash and wear” attitude. It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to make ourselves look acceptable – no fuzz and frills, unlike women who need 3 different mascara’s for volume, lengthening and curling, a highlight/contour kit and at least 3 outfit options that comes with 3 lipstick changes. As for the men, a nicely pressed, crisp, white shirt and a trousers and slick haircut – good to go! Ladies, it’s still a man’s world. But don’t worry. If that is the case, they will always need to pay for dinner!


Romel Caguiat – PhilippinesRomel Caguiat – Philippines

Being a boy is about being playful and having a lot of imagination in which. Being a man is the most difficult thing to accomplish. Being a man comes in stages, where we determine if we are to allow ourselves to be part of this world or against it. Others will be in seclusion and never be involved in the world. It’s up to the man, and it’s his choice.


Melover Medenilla - Al Nahda, Dubai, Emirates Cabin CrewMelover Medenilla –  Al Nahda, Dubai, Emirates Cabin Crew

Boys don’t need much stuff like lipsticks, make up, hair blower, sanitary napkins every month, or even a high heels. We don’t need those because God created us to work for the land. He created us for adventure, to protect, to provide for our families. Men are like the valiant knights in the movies, and this is the culture we should have in our society: men who fight for what is right and speak up when there is injustice. Men are courageous. Men are the image of God.


It’s a Man’s World:  what’s so great about being a boy?


Kristoffer Mariano, Al Quoz Dubai, Business Development Manager, Overseas GroupKristoffer Mariano, Al Quoz Dubai, Business Development Manager, Overseas Group

A man should be the provider for his family. A man who has the correct priorities in life is set for a stable future. Being male gives us the opportunity to be great, God-fearing and God-loving fathers. There is nothing nobler than a man that loves his wife more than himself; a man who would sacrifice his life for his family; a man who uses his to protect and empower others.


Bethoven Filomeno, Al Nahda, Dubai, Photographer/ Research Center AdministratorBethoven Filomeno, Al Nahda, Dubai, Photographer/ Research Center Administrator

Being a Man is great, and what makes it greater is that as man we are the symbol of determination and leadership – leadership that dwells not only leading yourself but most importantly making an impact to the lives of other people and to your family. Determination to achieve one’s goal without compromising what is right and stands firm in the right. A great and true man is a godly man. He loves the Lord, he loves life, and he loves and protects those whom have been entrusted to his care.


Patrick De Leon – Dubai, UAE Multimedia ARTIST

What’s great about being a man is that we have the DNA of a Warrior and a Leader. Our bodies are designed with natural strength and agility to protect, provide, serve and lead our families to God. It’s not about how many girls you’ve dated, or how many reps of deadlifts you can finish in the gym. It’s about setting a good example for the younger generation and teaching our children to build relationship with God.


Albert Baratang, Barsha Heights, Dubai, Systems Analyst DUAlbert Baratang, Barsha Heights, Dubai, Systems Analyst DU

BOY means Based On Youthfulness. MAN means Mature As Nature. Boyhood is about enjoying every moment, without much regard for the consequences. Manhood is about wisdom – choosing the righteous path, even if it is inconvenient. “A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might”.


Andrew Paredes – Dubai, UAEAndrew Paredes – Dubai, UAE

As a man, I get to keep my name/surname. Legacy is in the offing if you prefer to leave one. What’s also great is that I get to be perceived as “Gentle.” It is quite hard to maintain nowadays but very endearing once you are addressed as such. Being a man also gives me the opportunity to be a boss at fatherhood. But more importantly, MEN are just the better CHEFS in this world, PERIOD!!!


Francis Atcheco Pega – Riyadh, KSAFrancis Atcheco PegaRiyadh, KSA

Man reserves the right to be convenient; our physical anatomy defies any claim that man was created anatomically equal to women when it comes to functionality. It is always easier to be a man when nature calls in a very untimely and unlikely place. Man does not bear the woe of pesky monthly visitor of women. But seriously, I am just happy that I can pee anywhere! On a more important note, however, we have been given the task of supporting and creating a safe haven for those we love.



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