Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf – FRANCIS PEGA – The Prince Charming

Francis PegaFrancis Pega Photo by Alfredo Bascones Jr.  for Illustrado Magazine


With his contagiously upbeat personality, funny antics, charm, and lovable boy-next-door looks, Francis Pega has won the hearts of countless OFW’s in the Middle East.


As a ‘Kaya Mo Ba To’ segment host and correspondent for TFC Connect, he often gets assigned to cover or host community events in various parts of Saudi Arabia, the country where he is currently based in. “My work is rewarding because in a simple way I get to bring fun and laughter to those who are lonely, or maybe suffering from homesickness,” he says. “I also enjoy how I am sort of an instrument for OFW’s to greet their loved ones back home via television.”


On a more personal note, Francis’ work on TV has made him more confident and friendly. He considers himself as an introvert, but TFC Connect goaded him out of his shell and made him more personable and outgoing. “I learned so much from this show, such as getting the most out of simple things, being patient and inspiring others,” he says. “I hope that there would be more people I can help and inspire through this show. In the near future, I hope that I can earn much so that I can get back home to the Philippines and spend time with my family.”


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