Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf – JULIET SOLAS – Modern-day Florence Nightingale

Juliet SolasJuliet Solas Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado Magazine

A Dubai Excellence awardee and a respected figure in the Filipino Community in Dubai, nurse Juliet Solas is involved in socio-civic work as part of the Legion of Mary, a worldwide organization conducting different apostolate missions such as hospital and prison visits. Of what continues to inspire and inform her strong sense of volunteerism, Juliet says, “The death of my mother many years ago inspired me to extend my hand to those in need and to volunteer – that even if I am working away from home, and I may not be able to help my family physically, there are so many people in front of me that needs help.”


To Juliet, volunteer work nurtures both ways. She is able to utilize her knowledge and skills to offer healthcare to the needy, and in turn, their stories and gratitude inspire her to do more. “The warm smiles and appreciation from the people I have shared my time with are priceless,” she says. “This energized me more and I am so eager to do more even with my tight schedule. The endless stories they share make me realize a lot of things, and it inspires and enriches me in different ways.”


Her fulfilment comes from being a continuing source of inspiration for others. “I want to at least touch the hearts of many people I have worked with,” she says. “I try to make it a daily task to inspire, and even share a warm smile to people to give them the strength and brighten their day. And I hope, through this, they would also share this to others. Like the saying goes, “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.”

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