New Year, New Beauty Hacks!

by Louise Monique


When it comes to make-up and beauty, there are timeless tricks that never go out of style, but there are some that should just go away but wouldn’t. Let’s ditch the old tricks that doesn’t work, shall we? It’s time to unlearn them and learn some beauty updated beauty hacks!

1. Over plucking or shaving your brows

Unless your peg is Clara Bow and you’re living in the 1920s…stop! Just stop.  Please do yourself a favor and never over pluck or shave your eyebrows to draw a new one. Ever heard of threading? Or if that sounds too daunting, then consider microblading.

2. Outlining your lips with a dark lip liner and using a light lipstick

Overdrawing the lips for a fuller effect is in but that trend from the 80’s where you use a brown lip liner and nude lipstick is not.

3. Tattoo eyeliner

I never understood why anyone would want tattoo eyeliner. For one, it’s painful as hell. Yes, it stays forever but also fades and why would you want something that permanent on your face?

4. Curling your eyelashes after putting mascara

Just stop! Doing this makes your lashes fall out! Curl first, mascara next.

New Year, New Beauty Hacks!

5. Not washing your face because you want to look made up when you wake up

I know doing make-up could be such a hassle sometimes but that’s not an excuse to not completely remove and wash off your make-up EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s just plain disgusting and a surefire way to speed up the ageing process of your skin. If you want to look 50 when you’re 30, by all means…stop washing your face and keep the piling that make-up on your face!

6. Matching your eyeshadow with the color of your outfit

Erm, matchy-matchy much? Color coordination is a thing to consider but don’t take it literally. If you’re wearing a blue top, your eyeshadow or your lipstick doesn’t have to be blue, you know?

7. Pricking your pimples

This is the worst thing you could do on your face. I know it’s oddly satisfying to prick that spot on your face but please don’t. The best thing to do is get a facial wash with salicylic acid to dry that red spot but until then…leave it alone! Pricking your pimples could cause skin irritation and worse, infection. At all cost, avoid pricking a pimple on the danger triangle of your face – from the bridge of your nose to the sides of your mouth.

8. Shaving/waxing your face

Ladies, raise your hands if you shave or wax your full face. Okay, now lower that raised hand promise to never do it again. I understand that we all want our skin to be soft and silky like but shaving your full face could lead to different skin problems like ingrown hair, blackheads, pimples, skin irritation etc.

9. Bleaching facial/body hair

This one is worse than shaving or waxing your facial hair. Bleaching doesn’t actually remove hair; it just lightens the hair above the follicle and nothing more. It can also cause skin pigmentation and discoloration. So stop doing this!

10. Applying a streak of blusher

Ever heard of the term ‘blending’? You would look more blushing rather than scary a clown if you blend that streak of blusher. This applies to everything you put on your face may it be foundation, eyeshadow, contour, blush – blend it! Blending would never ever go out of style, I can guarantee you that.


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