Which hugotero or hugotera are you?

By Aby Yap

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“Kailangan pa bang sagutin?” With all that happened during the presidential elections, we’re pretty sure everyone has #Hugot — born out of bitterness, anger, frustration, etc.—without reservations. Only the depth of these bottled up emotions a.k.a. lalim ng pinaghuhugutan varies.  Which group of celebrated hugoteros and hugoteras do you belong to? Go, embrace the feels!

  1. The Sawi

“Where do broken hearts go?” That’s the stinging #HugotQuestion for this Lonely Folks Club. Members range from men and women who’ve been left by once their significant others, now known as shameless others to those who’ve failed miserably to look for greener pastures that the only option left is to exit to Kish Island…yet again. Their pain is too great that it just brings about more questions. Can they find their way back into love in someone else’s arms? Or back home to ‘Pinas in case they decide that enough is enough?

  1. The Seen-zoned

“Bute pa ang multo, nagpaparamdam.” Anyone who enjoys being haunted by ghosts must be desperately seeking attention (and is creepy). But who can blame them for this #HugotTampururotLine? This troupe generally consists of victims of unrequited love and unreplied messages. Of being smilingly told “Let’s just be friends.” by The One they’ve long dreamt of having kids with. Of getting “✓Seen” notifications in their FB messages without receiving any replies ever, grrr! Ouch, di ba? Truth be told, their inconspicuousness is more potent than Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

  1. The Stuck

“May forever.” This is the #HugotClaim of people who choose to wait relentlessly. Some find it hard to move on from their past love, still clinging on to vows of togetherness even after years have passed. And there are many whose vehicles are unable to move—damn, not even an inch—helplessly caught in a traffic mess every day of their lives. As to who is having it worse is debatable. One thing is certain, though. This tribe deserves a monument in Luneta for being martyrs in romance and on the road.


   Onli in Da Pilipins: Who Got #Hugot?

  1. The Solitary  

“What matters most is that we loved at all,” says the #HugotSong of this band of single ladies and gentlemen who play it solo for reasons only they know. They’re the NBSB (No Bae Since Birth), the ABMNB (Always the Bride’s Maid/Best Man, Never the Bride/Bridegroom), and those who purposely or accidentally miss the last trip down the wedding aisle. To be in a relationship is what most of them pray for just so they can finally relate to their theme song. Plus, it would be nice to call someone “hubby” or “wifey.”

  1. The Senti

Maglaro tayo ng kahit ano, huwag lang taguan. Kasi someone like you is hard to find.” Boom, tagos to the bones! This is a #HugotQuote example of those who are eternally in love can (annoyingly) come up with. After all, they’re the hopeless romantics and love fools in our midst whose only goal in life is to search for their soul mates—online or offline. Whether we like or loathe it, the craziness of the Inlababos Inc. is what makes the world go round and the Feb-ibig month worth celebrating somehow.



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