Top notch medical expert on international patient safety and quality healthcare, The Medical City Clark Philippines, was highlighted at the recently concluded Medical Travel Congress at Kuwait Health.

The Medical City Clark, a private tertiary hospital known for its cutting-edge health services with centers of excellence in the field of cardiovascular, cancer, neuroscience and regenerative medicine as well as wellness services, is backed up with 1,500-strong medical staff complimented by a 2,700-member workforce. It is a part of The Medical City network, one of Asia’s most trusted healthcare organizations, which has been at the forefront of advancing the standards of hospital operation and administration in the region for 50 years, serving some 50,000 inpatients and 1.5 million outpatients per year.

The Medical City Clark is strategically located in Kuwait-invested Sabah Al-Ahmad Global Gateway Logistics City, a 177-hectare development named after H.H. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait. The commercial hub provides easy access for patients flying in from Clark International Airport serviced by Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Speaking at the conference, President and CEO of The Medical City Clark, Dr. Cenon Alfonso underlined the factors that medical patients should consider in choosing a destination to acquire healthcare services and treatment.

In his presentation Mabuhay! It’s more fun and healthy in the Philippines, Dr. Alfonso expounds: “The Philippines has a lot to offer, more than some of the best islands in the world, pristine beaches and magnificent landscapes. If you are practical about your medical needs, you will go to the Philippines because, even with technology and expertise at par with other medical destinations, the costs are still significantly lower without compromising the quality of patient care. Patients can also recover faster because the facilities are world-class and highly-maintained. Not to mention the warmth of the Filipino people which certainly helps.”

The Philippines is currently ranked 8th in the world as the preferred destination for people seeking treatment, consultation and diagnostics. The country receives about 250,000 patients from around the world every year. At The Medical City Clark, about 50% of the patients are non-Filipinos coming from USA, Korea, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom and Germany. According to Dr. Alfonso, “Foreign medical tourists choose the Philippines for their aesthetic and un-complicated procedures while thousands of Filipino expats return home for medical care and combine it with their family visit.”

Asked about the relationship of Philippines and Kuwait, Ambassador Renato Villa says, “I am optimistic that our harmonious and friendly relations with Kuwait and its people and the opportunities and amenities that we offer to Kuwaiti people will further develop and strengthen their belief that the Philippines is the place, where they will be safe and secure to undergo medical procedures and treatment. The place where they may unwind and enjoy the diverse tourist destinations our country can offer.”

Kuwait has been very resolute in its efforts to support the healthcare needs of its nationals. Last year, the government earmarked US$1 billion budget to pay the hospital bills of Kuwaitis that are medically treated abroad as part of the overseas treatment program.

The Kuwait Health Exhibition and Conference 2017 was an important platform for The Medical City Clark not just to showcase the medical and healthcare status of the Philippines but to also continue to expand its network, explore opportunities and partnership and provide solutions to patients founded on their unique holistic approach and personalized care.


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