United International Private School (UIPS) – Dubai

UIPS is the First Philippine School in Dubai; an educational institution with a culture of excellence, creativity and discipline. The school has its purpose-built complex in Al Qusais, hosting 1,800 students.  It is also presently the testing center of well-known universities and colleges in the Philippines.

The school features innovative learning techniques and an effective approach in teaching through the Differentiated Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Program (DCIA) and Direct Instructional System for teaching and Remediation Program.  Apart from academics, UIPS also has a liberal sprinkling of clubs and organizations, as well as relevant extra and co-curricular activities such as scouting, structured field trips, and academic contests, Foundation Day, Sportsfest, UAE National Day Celebrations, community outreach programs, a Family-Fun Day, Nutrition Month, Buwan ng Wika, culminating activities and a Summer Intensive Program.

Consistent with the school’s thrust of continuous development, UIPS constantly improves its facilities. This year’s upgrades include a more spacious science laboratory/computer laboratory and library, an audio-visual room, on-going construction of the annex-building, a swimming pool and cafeteria, as well as newly acquired books and assessment tools and other references in the library.

The Philippine School (TPS) – Dubai

TPS is the youngest member of the UAE’s Filipino school network –with its first school year in 2008-2009.  Located in Al Twar 3, the school was created to answer a need considering the rapid increase of the Filipino community population in the emirate, where originally only one Filipino school (UIPS) existed.

The Philippine School aims to prepare its students to excel as young global  leaders of tomorrow by offering advanced technology programs, values-based education, parent-friendly policy and activities such as arts and crafts, music, dance and sports. The school also offers grade 11 and 12 which is not a standard with most Philippine schools.

TPS plans to compete in the educational market by offering high-quality education at a competitive fee, made possible by leading-edge educational programs facilitated by certified, college-educated instructors, and by maintaining an excellent reputation with parents and within the community.

Pioneers International Private School (PIPS) – Abu Dhabi

PIPS has the distinction of being the first Philippine overseas school established in the emirates in January 1990.  As an institution with almost two decades of experience, the school has seen a considerable number of its alumni return to the emirates after earning university degrees, and eventually securing gainful employment.

Hosting Filipinos and a number of non-Filipino students, the school prides itself on its student-centered and eclectic approach in teaching which takes into specific consideration a learner’s culture, behavior, religion, nationality, and intelligence.

PIPS has a Parents Teachers Council which takes active part in identifying key areas of development.  The council is credited for initiating the Inter-Filipino Schools Athletics Meet (IFSAM), which is now joined by three Filipino schools in Abu Dhabi for a healthy sports competition as well as for discovering the potentials of the students in music and in literature.

Philippine National School (PNS) – Abu Dhabi

PNS boasts 1,200 enrollees – proof of the school’s prestige.  Established in 1998 and located at the Abu Dhabi Passport Road, the school strives to provide its students the opportunity to enjoy learning by tapping both the academic and non-academic areas of their school lives.

Eversince its establishment, the school has been producing top-notch achievers, winning inter-school and national contests, and successfully passing the entrance examinations of prestigious Philippine universities such as UP, MAPUA, College of St. Benilde, UST and St. Jude. To date, PNS has produced a total of 23 UPCAT passers and 45 MAPUA exam passers.

For a well-rounded learning experience, PNS carries out activities that hone students’ talents like the annual field demonstration, academic festival, sports encounter and many others, and continuously endeavors to fulfill its mission of producing multi-talented and well-equipped students.

PISCO Private School – Abu Dhabi

Established in Abu Dhabi in 1995, PISCO’s student body is composed of 94% Filipinos and 6% from other nationalities including Americans, Russians, Indians, Sri Lankans, Chinese and Thai.

The school employs the Philippine Basic Education Curriculum specializing in Science and Mathematics and has adopted English as a medium of instruction with Filipino and Arabic languages included in its dynamic syllabus which is periodically revised to suit the needs of the students and prepare graduating students for college and university challenges.

The school constantly strives to effectively deliver service to the community and to provide quality education anchored on a relevant curriculum, while at the same time providing a wholesome and conducive environment and instilling national pride.

PISCO has continued to excel in all fields of endeavor. Be it in literary, musical, sports and academic contests. Students and graduates have been excelling in the school where they opt to transfer in; be it in the home country, in the States, Canada, Europe, and etc.

New Filipino Private School (NFPS) – Sharjah

The New Filipino Private School is the first Filipino School in the United Arab Emirates to be given a license to operate using the Filipino Curriculum by the Department of Education, Manila and the Ministry of Education in Sharjah.  It is located in Dasman and has been operating since 1996. It takes pride in being known as one of the Filipino schools producing graduates who excel in their chosen fields of endeavor in the most prestigious colleges and universities back home.

The school has a strict academic supervision system where operations are systematically planned day-after-day, with teachers closely monitored by dedicated coordinators checking classrooms for performance and academic competence. The school also puts a premium on well-balanced activities.  As an example, members of the NFPS Varsity Teams are given regular trainings as early as the second quarter of the academic year to prepare them for the annual inter-school athletic competitions.

Far Eastern Private School (FEPS) – Sharjah

Based in Al Shahba, Sharjah and established in 2001, FEPS mission is the holistic growth of students through the provision of an enriched curriculum delivered by well-trained faculty members, as well providing facilities that enhance the learning process.

The school boasts of excellent passing rates for students for SY 2008-2009 and for the college entrance exams of UP, De La Salle, MAPUA University among others.

FEPS is currently improving its infrastructure in preparation for school year 2009 to 2010.  Management is also gearing to run a pre-service training of teachers before school opens this season; this in conjunction with the continuous training program the different learning areas which teachers go through during the course of the school year.

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