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By Leslie Fiestan – Riyadh

Les Fiestan - Riyadh

Years ago, before technology came it was hard to be connected on a daily basis with family, friends and others who matter to us. I’m glad that we live in a decade where technology allows everyone to be in touch. Such is the power of social media which can either become your ally or your foe.

It’s a known fact that we Pinoys are the largest users of social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To Pinoys, being connected is such a big deal. Almost everyone we meet or are acquainted with, are added to our FB contacts. But social media has its benefits and it has its disadvantages. The question is, are you aware of your responsibilities when connecting to people? There are certain dos and don’ts on having an online account, let take a look at some of them –

Privacy Settings

Chose your contacts or who you share your life with wisely, have a certain audience or “list” of whom you should share your private “posts” with. There will always be haters amongst our friends/contacts, jealousy and critiques even rumors that could sprout from your posts.

Have respect

It’s the same thing in the real world. To earn respect you too should show respect. Don’t go off arguing and posting hate messages, besides it could haunt you one day or might to result to an even worse situation.

Don’t Brag

Does one have to announce their relationship status to the world or if they have recently purchased a Louis Vuitton bag? It’s ok to share your happiness but how far and how much of your life are you willing to share to the public or your contacts?

Be cautious of people you meet online.

Again like in the real world, don’t trust strangers. Before you start divulging your life to someone you’ve just met, try to find out more about the person. It’s easy to search on the internet.

Always “Think before you click”

How many times should we be told this? This is something we should all practice. Before you post a photo or a comment, think first about its potential positive and negative outcomes.

Finally, your online account says a lot about your personality and who you are in real life. Don’t lie in order to make your life more interesting or to get attention. Be true and be you on and off line.

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