The Practicing Misis: Cereal Blueberry-Based Smoothie Bowl

By Rosan Katlea Reodica


“Grown-up versions of childhood favorites are always a party in the tum-tum (tum-tum – did I say that correctly)?”

So how do we deal with a millennial’s appetite? With the proliferation of Tastemade, Tasty, and other platforms showing less-than-a-minute videos of food porn, even food, a basic need, has to grab the attention of the information-loaded generation.

Okay, yeah, truth. I am a millennial, on the older spectrum of it. And I sure do admit that this generation is a huge foodie generation, BUT – and I’m #sorrynotsorry for generalizing – most would love to just eat out and discover the “hidden gems” ironically blogged about or featured in hype portals. How many would take time to slave away in the kitchen on a daily basis? Sure, there’ll be the “hang-out tayo sa inyo” with the additional tagged video of a fry-crusted pizza smothered with bottled cheese spread, answered immediately with “G (as in game) na ‘yan!”

Cooking for a party, let’s do it. Cooking for my baon to work? UGH! Hassle much! Prove me wrong and I would be left without a reading market for my cookbook. See, millennials are a tricky bunch. Make us learn and we conquer stuff, yep, even just the lowly kusina.

The following is a dish that won’t take the time away from #winning at life or your Pokemon Go. #peacebruh


Cereal Blueberry-Based Smoothie Bowl

Kinda like your cartoon-paired food in your #tbt days but makes you feel like an #adult


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DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY:  No biggie. At all. Wala nang kalan, kalan involved.


COUNTER: Go crazy with your cereal base. Get the milk you’ve always wanted. For this we used canned coconut cream blended with frozen blueberries and raspberries. You can choose almond, soya, regular, chocolate, etc. Then add a bunch of texture before you pour in your cereal of choice! Load it with good fats and fiber from a selection of nuts such as almonds, macadamia, sunflower seeds or add granola. Even fresh grated coconut! Slice and dice some fresh fruits. For this, I’ve used bananas and more berries. Since I don’t like my cereal flakes to be soggy, I add them in last when my mix has reached perfection: Kellogg’s Classic Cornflakes. Why not add in a bunch of 3 types of cereal if you love living life? Pwede pang-breakfast and merienda! Lasang mas-healthy at lakas makabata na halo-halo! Insert emoji with tongue sticking out. Pair this with Adventure Time! 


SKILLS UNLOCKED: Mixing, matching and giving in to childhood nostalgia while remaining a grown-up.



The Practicing Misis Cookbook [No Fiancé Required, Guaranteed Gayuma-Free Recipes] – Psicom Publishing Inc., 2016. Available in the Philippines in National Bookstore, Fully Booked and other leading bookstores nationwide. Social Media: @practicingmisis | #practicingmisis | #lukaretcooking

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