Starting “Oven” Again

By Rian Miranda – KSA


If there’s such a thing as “writer’s block”, then you can say that I went through a “baker’s block”. Despite baking being my number one passion, I have barely spent time in the kitchen or baked a cake for the past 2-3 years.  But lately, I just felt a strong urge to go back.

For months I have been searching for fresh inspirations that will entice me to create something new. I signed up for a couple of online recipe newsletters but I found it difficult to browse everything, while I’m also trying to get other things done besides pursuing my passion for food. Don’t get me wrong; I love my current job (I believe the “universe conspired” for me to be in it).  I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with business moguls who are brilliant in running an empire and I learn a lot from them. It helps me to keep my service and ethics in check.

My interest in baking has been rekindled recently after a conversation with one of the best pastry chefs of today; and I’m deeply humbled for that brief opportunity. I also realized then that I would always be busy, and that my schedule will always be swamped. So, I need 2 T’s to get back on track: Tools and Time.

The first is quite manageable to acquire but the latter would be challenging. Some would say, “Get rid of your job and do what you love”, but I believe I just need to work on my passion in between because I also like what I do as an admin professional. I simply need to find balance and manage my time so I can be as dedicated to baking. I don’t need to drop other things or people that don’t inspire me. Our purpose in life is to love, even those who are unlovable. The only way to fulfill this is to balance the amount of time we spend with the inspiring and uninspiring. When we balance, we will know real peace and happiness.

As a close friend said, “There’s no point in holding anything back since we’re all going to end up under the soil one day. So just do what you can to work on your dreams, even if you keep pausing in between, because what matters most is you get it done.”


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