Styling Secrets – Back-to-Basics with the Tank Top

By Anna De Leon


We’re going back to basics! Looking fabulous and put together 365 days a year doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to have a closet as massive as, say Carine Roitfeld’s! All it takes are what I would call – The Stylist’s Staples. From these basics, you can build your wardrobe. To make looking polished even simpler, do it all in black. Well, only if you can.


“I tend to like the most basic pieces with the perfect fit and fabric, like a simple tank.”

 – Alexander Wang

Any woman worth her salt should have The Basic White Tank Top. This is a fashion commandment. PERIOD. Why would you not want to have a piece of clothing that is heralded as the Supermodel’s off-duty uniform? Seriously though, this article of clothing can be your best friend at the beach or the perfect piece de resistance to an ensemble for a red carpet event. 

Before we go to styling basics, a woman of style should remember that she is only as good looking as the undergarments that she wears with her power ensembles. Having said that, the importance of wearing the right bra under the tank top, cannot be underlined enough. Below are the three major commandments of The Tank Top:

  1. Thou shall not wear a black bra when you decide to wear a white tank top.
  2. Thou shall steer clear from Lacey ones that peek if you aren’t Giselle Bundchen.
  3. Thou shall choose beige or white ones which do not have any texture. In short a T-shirt bra




The Beach Bum

Pair your favorite tank top (racer back is my choice) with your favorite Denim shorts. You can also wear your cute bikini top underneath.

The Classic Celeb Look

When you see a celebrity or supermodel off-duty, they will more than likely be wearing this classic ensemble – a tank top, dark blue skinny jeans and a single breasted jacket. This look, although famous already was even made more iconic by Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman.

Styling Secrets – Back-to-Basics with the Tank Top
The Power Look

Your tank top and your favorite pant or skirt suit with amazing accessories says – “I am ready to conquer the corporate world!”

The Modern Red Carpet Diva

For this look, a spaghetti strap tank top works best. You can pair it with a long black satin skirt. Even the iconic Carrie Bradshaw tulle skirt will be amazing with this one. Cinch your waist with a corset belt and you are ready to wow!

Stylist's Closet - best of carrie bradshaw

We can go on and on about tank top pairing – there’s just so much possibilities! Experiment, take selfies of your ensembles and you will realize that you can shop from your own closet.  This is just the beginning of a more polished and stylish you!



Anna de Leon


Life devoid of makeup and fashion is life lived in mediocrity – a sentence that Anna has lived by since she discovered her 1st Vogue magazine at the age of 9. Empowering women through beauty has always been her passion and she believes that women can rule the

world in their stilettos, red lips and razor sharp intelligence.


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