I’m a foodie who’s fiercely loyal to Filipino native food, but am sort of helpless in the kitchen. I try to cook whenever I can, but can only manage a few basics. It’s embarrassing, but I can’t even do adobo right (suka and toyo proportions)! So imagine how happy I was to see Filipino recipes in your recent Christmas issue! And that too, you covered a lot of my all-time favorites! Now at least, even if I attempt to do paella (I hope I can) or embutido (my BF loves this), I have your recipes. I hope I’ll be successful. And… please continue to share Filipino recipes. I’m sure a lot of our kabayans would love it!

Connie Gonzaga

Love, love the food in your December ish, Illustrado! Keep ‘em coming!

Dakilang Nanay

Sarap talaga ng paskong Pilipino! Illustrado, salamat sa masasarap na recipe. Sinubukan na naming nung Noche Buena! Ayos!

Merlito Cruz


Greetings from Abu Dhabi. Read your article “Baby it’s Cold Outside.” I’m a single gal, and I must say that I’m happy being one. I guess, singletons like me feel a little extra sensitive during the holidays because of their expectations. But you don’t need to be unhappy just because you’re not part of a pair. There are a lot of advantages to being single. Besides, if you surround yourself with real friends (not the fake ones who are only good to you when they can get something from you), you will never be alone.

Carrie B in Abu Dhabi

Wala nang mas masaya pa sa pasko sa sariling bayan. Nakakamiss yung tunay na Paskong Pinoy. Di lang dahil sa masasarap na pagkain, ngunit dahil dun sa kasiyahan na mararamdaman sa buong kapaligiran sa atin pag pasko. Kahit yung pagkaka caroling ng mga bata, pagdalo sa simbang gabi, at yung mga inaanak na namamasko – hahanap-hanapin mo talaga. Pero kahit na nahohomesick ka dito sa ibayong dagat, tuloy-tuloy pa rin. Dahil alam nating lahat na ang sakripisyo na ito ay para sa ikabubuti ng ating mga mahal sa buhay.

Celso Aranda


We’ve asked Illustrado fans on Facebook about what they wanted to say to Pope Francis, on the occasion of his Philippine visit. Here’s what they had to say

Pray for the wicked crocodiles and wolves and sharks that they might not feel the need to eat the sheep anymore

Joshua Labajo

Sanapo wala pong magkakasakit sa amin; bigyan pa ako ng mahabang buhay at tuluyan nang gumaling ang kapatid ko at kayo na rin po bahala sa mga taong nagtraidor sa akin. Bahala na po kayo sa kanila. Salamat po, Lolo Kiko.

April Nakamura

Dear Pope,

How do you maintain your peace in you, when you see and hear what has happened to humanity? Terrorism, rape, corruption and all types of violent crimes. Is it a sin to hate them? Is it a sin to wish them bad?

Christine Catolico Tilja

Dear Pope,

Please allow divorce, birth control to empower people to make a choice in their lives and send our corrupt leaders to hell asap to help us out of poverty.

Any collections made in church should be given to the sick, the old forgotten folks abandoned by their children and the children abandoned by their irresponsible parents who thought that having far too many is a gift from God but are not able to support them (please ask our government not to tax it).

Please also ask our people to understand that monies are not made out of a miracle, it actually involves sacrifices and hard work from OFWs.

I am sure that God will understand.  Thank you.

Anna McBride

I still have the ‘Pope Francis Effect’. We must learn the true message of the pope for our country. We must share our love, our mercy and our compassion to those who really need it. The pope had shared so many lessons and good values that we must meditate and give some quiet moments to understand and make it as our daily task for us to be a good Christian.

Aris Llanto


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