Every year, we are always hit by the sense of urgency the holidays bring – all the parties to attend, decorations to put up at home, preparations for the Christmas and New Year feasts, as well as the gifts shopping to be done, not to mention the year-end requirements at work with all deadlines culminating before the holidays.


Typically, the month of December and early January passes us by in a blur – albeit a sparkly one at that. It’s so easy to just get caught-up in the whirlwind of holiday activities, as we jump from one celebration to the other, eat from one table to the next, and jostle our way through the festively decorated malls.


It’s at times like these when I feel like defying the mad rush, just to take a step back to take stock of this special moment.


After all, isn’t this the time of the year when we should be most reflective – not only because of the spiritual significance of Christmas, but also the fact that we’re at the very crossroads between our old life and the new one that awaits.


It is so important to be able to reflect on all the gifts, the challenges, breakthroughs, and lessons that we have been bestowed this past year, and to ponder how we’re going to be better, and build on what we already have to make the next year one of growth and continued blessings.


So, step away from those Christmas wrapping papers. Get your mind off the food you need to prepare, or the new ensemble you’ve been planning to wear to that ever important company party. Stop, breathe, reflect and say thank you.


Lest we miss what’s most important.


A Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of you.


Taas Noo, Filipino.

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