Thoughtleader – Vagelyn Federico

Human Resources Professional

Photo by: Donell Gumiran

Vagelyn Federico’s inspiring story still holds testimony to how, with steadfast determination, one can emerge resilient from any adversity. Despite encountering many hardships early on in her career in the UAE – hardships that would easily faze most – she was able to become, the youngest General Manager of a hotel in her time and has grown into one of the authorities in the field of Human Resources in the hospitality industry in the emirates.

Even with her hands full as Director of Human Resources at the Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai, multi-awarded HR Professional Vagelyn consistently supports and collaborates with a variety of organizations, schools, and government entities sharing her industry expertise with fellow Filipinos through job fairs and training. Utilizing her position in the field to benefit others, she has provided many people with their career break, as well as platforms to develop talents through her company and her networks via internships, work immersion projects, as well as CSR activities.

“My advice for fellow Filipinos is that they need to elevate and enhance their skills. Confidence, which is crucial to achieving this, is a world-class trait.” she says. “Filipinos are one of most preferred employees when it comes to hospitality. To shine, we must all make an effort to get out of our comfort zone.”


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HR Director

Vagelyn is a global Filipino achiever who brought honor, prestige and recognition to the Philippines and whose notable achievements in the field of social and community service thru hospitality and human resources have been recognized far and wide. Her story has led a life that’s certainly one for the books: from a being a humble farm girl from  to a secretary who had to make 13 exits to Kish Island, up to the youngest General Manager of a 4 star hotel at the age of 28. She had proved that big dreams do come true if we just believe and never give up.

In recognition of her relentless commitment towards social responsibility, Vagelyn was named the 2016 CSR Champion of the Year Grand Winner at the Hospitality Excellence Awards for Middle East and North Africa. Her life story was also featured in the hit TV program Maalaala Mo Kaya, earning countless of OFW followers and admirers all over the globe.

As an HR professional, part of Vagelyn’s duty is to embody the essence of workplace excellence and community spirit. She elaborates: “I always tell people to go out of their comfort zone. It’s a risk not to take risk! we need to be better than yesterday. Level up and do something that will make you more fruitful, productive and beneficial to others in the society. Our life is a gift from God and what we do with our lives is our gift to Him.”

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