By Les Fiestan – Riyadh, KSA


I’ve recently decided to update my DeviantArt account and cringed at the sight of my old works.  You are your worst critique indeed. I kept dropping the “F word” at the sight of some seriously tacky works I have done in the past. As I was about to delete them, I looked at the rest that followed and started to realize how it showed the development of my craft over the years.

Moreover, I also recalled the memories attached to each work and can’t help but smile and miss the people who were with me at the time of its creation.

Due to my constant need to recall or remind a friend about an experience we shared in the past, I was suddenly asked if am I a ‘recorder’ and no one ever called me that before. Ok, so maybe I am, but aren’t we all?

I do have this fondness for remembering almost every event that is special to me, but who doesn’t? That’s why people have diaries, scrapbooks and most of all, photos; and Facebook has this Timehop app and the popular TBT/FBF hashtag in social media.

I am a very sentimental person, I love to take photos and gather souvenir items that mean something to me.  A solid piece of evidence that shows that I’ve been there and done that; a single item that will trigger that memory. Abeit there are memories we are not so fond of and emotions are attached to every memory, be it good or bad.

We are told to forget the past and remember only the happy times, how can we? Even traumatic and painful events are still stored at the back of our minds; we just shake off the negative feeling whenever we’re reminded of it.

Take it from this famous quote by George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

To err is human. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t regret your past decisions, even if it was a mistake you were willing to make. Learn from it, look back and laugh, don’t take life’s bitter moments seriously, take it as a challenge. When emptiness, hopelessness and fear are present, look beyond that; look to the horizon and take that risks — take that first step. There’s no turning back, move forward, let go and face the unknown that lies ahead.

But never forget your past.

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