Change Your Life in 30 Days

By Bo Sanchez

Change you life in 30 days


If you haven’t done it yet, write your New Year’s resolution now!


Many have given up making New Year’s resolutions because they fail to fulfill them. I have a formula for fulfilling a New Year resolution. Note, I said resolution — not resolutions. Yes, just one. Easy.


Choose one habit that you’d like to develop for the next 30 days. Dream big but start small. Think of doing this new behavior for 30 days only. That way, it seems more doable.


If you miss doing it in one day, here’s the rule: go back to Day 1 — and start all over again.  You don’t want to do that, right? That will be enough reason to keep the habit going every day.


I repeat: you have to do it daily. Not three or four times a week. This is crucial. If it’s an activity that can’t be done daily, then try to choose an “alternate” activity that you can do at the same time. If you hit the gym every 5PM to 6PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays — why not read a book, or take a walk, or swim a few laps at that same time on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday? That way, it will still be a daily experience.


Last recommendation: don’t just say, “I’m going to walk daily.” It’ll be more powerful to say, “I’m going to walk at 6AM daily.” Set a specific time. Or if you’ve decided to make 20 sales calls a day, peg it at a particular hour of the day.


Making this small tweak will quadruple your chances of sticking to the habit and making a lifestyle-change in your life.


Overhaul Your Life

There are four steps to overhaul your life:

1.) Purpose: Identify Your Why of Success

2.) Plan: Success Is Not an Act But a Habit

3.) Practice: Catch Small Fish Before Big Fish

4.) Produce: Never Stop Growing

I will be talking about these four steps in the Feast, the Sunday prayer gathering that I lead at the Philippine International Convention Center. As my New Year gift to Illustrado readers, here are advance glimpses of the talks.


Success is not an Act but a Habit

Haven’t you noticed? Some people are always broke. Some people are always late. Some people are always making money. Some people are always on time. Some people always create happiness wherever they go.

Some people always create trouble wherever they go. Some people always achieve their dreams. Some people never achieve their dreams.

Why? Habits. Life is really all about habits. Ask yourself what kind of habits do you have?


Catch Small Fish Before Big Fish

Do you want to succeed in life? Then take the journey of success. This journey follows two phases. In phase one, you catch small fish. In phase two, you catch big fish. It’s really very simple.

You don’t try to catch big fish if you still haven’t perfected the skill of catching small fish. Some people try to move to phase two without perfecting phase one. That’s a recipe for disaster.

If you do, you’ll get discouraged and some people don’t try again after that.  They get depressed and give up.

Here’s the key: To catch small fish, you need humility.


Never Stop Growing

Life is always changing. There’s not a point when life is static.

So here’s the deal that’s being presented to you every day of your life: If you stop growing, you start dying.

There’s no such thing as being stagnant in life. In my mind, stagnant means going backward. Because life is moving forward and you’re being left behind.

Here’s another illustration. If you’re not climbing up the mountain of self-growth, then you’re sliding down that mountain. You can’t stay put. Why? Because this mountain keeps on growing bigger – with or without you.

Each day, you’re presented with a choice. Will you climb or will you slide?

I’ve got good news for you: God has given you the power to grow.  Use that power. Commit to never-ending growth.


Are you Successful?

Success is a constant balancing act.

There are days when I’m so stressed because I’ve put too much stuff on my plate.  So I pull back.  When I feel stressed, I close my eyes and inhale God’s Love.  And in that inner silence, I remind myself, “God is with me.  Why rush?”  Instantly, I feel peace flooding my soul.

But there are days when I feel the total opposite: I’m too comfortable.  And I need to be nudged by life to stretch more in a particular area in my life.

For example, when I’m too comfortable in my family life, coasting along because my family is “Ok,” God whispers to my heart, “Be more deliberate in re-connecting with your wife and kids…”  So I call and invite someone for a date.

It happens in my businesses or ministries, too.  When everything is doing well, I tend to coast.  And that’s dangerous.

Where are you today in this balancing act of success?

Know yourself.  Know where you are.

And achieve balance.

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