It might be hot this time around, but there are so many reasons to go out.  Check out our list of of things to do, places to go, and events to attend in the emirates.


Get the best produce at the Ripe Summer Market

7 May – 29 October 2016

Dubai’s best organic produce are ripe for the taking at Ripe Summer Market! Spend your Saturday’s picking the best ingredients at Ripe’s indoor market at Times Square Center, Sheikh Zayed Road.


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Experience history at the Hareem Al Sultan Exhibition

01 March – 31 December 2016

The Ottoman Era is often remembered as a time of great opulence and cultural upheaval. Experience the wonder of this bygone age at the Hareem Al Sultan exhibition at the City Walk. See original décor, jewelry, and costumes. Smell the authentic palatial aromas, and taste special sherbets and sweets.


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Give your child the gift of learning Peace!

3rd of July to 25th August 2016

Here’s a summer camp for your kids with a difference!  DLSM (De La Salle Montessori Nursery Dubai) Peace Champs Academy 2016 is a summer camp program designed to give kids the opportunity to explore the ideals of cooperation and conflict resolution in a safe, supportive and fun environment. Click here to learn more and to register:  Or call: 04 3986218

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Illustrado Calendar June to July 2016: Peace Summer Camp, Ripe Market, Hareem Al Sultan & Francis Kong


Learn life’s winning points with Francis Kong!

July 8 2016

Francis Kong has been a moving force in the field of motivation, inspiration, leadership and excellence in the Philippines. He is one of the most respected business speakers in the country and earns the distinction as being one of the recipients for 2014 The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Awards; he is also an award winning media personality and best-selling author who has been a positive impact to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos.



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Get your game on at the Football Fanfest Dubai 2016

June 10 – July 10 2016

Be one with the city’s legions of football fans at the Football Fanfest Dubai 2016 – Dubai’s largest indoor game-viewing venue. With massive screens, raffle draws, and foods galore, you are sure to experience a spectacle of sports that you will never forget!

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