Pinoy Fashion: Fashion nga ba yan, o fashion-fashionan?


Fashion nga ba yan, o fashion-fashionan? Filipinos are obsessed with looking good. Di na kailangang i-memorize yan! We put a high premium on being well-groomed and well-presented, but is fashion still as important to us as we think?


How Important is Fashion to you?

Shadda BerrShadda Berr, Dubai

Fashion is a huge statement for each of us. It defines what we represent and how we want people to perceive us. A person uses clothes to express their confidence. Trends help people brainstorm different ways to show off their style. A person’s style gives you a piece of their personality because it’s their own way to artistically define themselves. The clothes are the colors, while the person is the canvas.




Elton Ladd Batinga, PhilippinesElton Ladd Batinga, Philippines

Fashion is more than just clothing. It is an image and an identity. It is your brand. That being said, it is important to me that when other people see me, they see relaxed but sharp and smart sophistication. Others might say it is very superficial and it might very well be, but we can’t deny the fact that image plays a very big role in business; and we all are, in some way or another, selling something. If you have a job that doesn’t require you to get out of the house then by all means, wear whatever you feel like. But, if you’re going out into the world, be aware: you are what you wear.


Emil Arellano, PhilippinesEmil Arellano, Philippines

Fashion is my way of expressing my personality. It’s a way of telling people who I am, without uttering a single word. But unlike some people, I have a very practical approach to fashion, in that comfort has to come first. I will not wear anything that’s going to distract me from doing the things that I need to do.



Ion Gonzaga, DubaiIon Gonzaga, Dubai

It is important to be presentable. But it is not really important for me to conform to the patterns of this world with regards to fashion. What’s important for me is I’m comfortable with what I wear and how I present myself to people without compromising my character.

I appreciate all fashion ideas coz that’s where I get inspiration on how to make myself presentable.



Pinoy Fashion: Fashion nga ba yan, o fashion-fashionan?

Des Zapanta Duran, DubaiDes Zapanta Duran, Dubai 

My fashion sense (if I have any, at all) is simple and straightforward: decent, timeless and comfortable. Keeping up with the latest trend is quite a challenge anyway – I’m not sure if my wallet can handle it. There are more important things to prioritize; like travel and insurance!





Lency Sangalang, DubaiLency Sangalang, Dubai 

As per my basic comprehension of what fashion is, it’s all about trend and hype. Given that definition, I can say that fashion is somehow important to me, as it’s always a good idea to be aware of the times. Culture is ever-changing, so if we cannot be ahead of it, the least we could do is keep up. This is especially important in a place like Dubai, where the best of all worlds collide, and where image plays a huge role in business. The last thing you would want in a meeting is to distract your client with a bad outfit.


Casey Soltura, PhilippinesCasey Soltura, Philippines

Whether we like it or not, we are also judged by our fashion choices. While others see it as an avenue for self-expression, I see it as a way to brand myself. Working as a sales executive, I want to align the company’s brand and integrity in me, in how I carry myself, by carefully paying attention to how I dress, how I put myself together – to be the best representation of the company. Sure there are times you don’t feel quite confident, but dressing sharply can certainly fake it and eventually your mind just follows.



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