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Depending on your belief system, emptiness could either be a bad thing or a good thing. To most of us, it’s more of a negative thing.

When you’ve lost someone you love, you feel empty. When you feel that no one needs you anymore, you feel empty. When people belittle you and say bad things about you, you feel empty. When you are getting older and you have not yet achieved the things you sat out to accomplish, you feel empty.

What should we do? What can we do when we feel this way?


Read a good book.

Not many of us Filipinos read. We talk, sing, listen, and watch movies. But very few us actually read. Reading opens up a whole new world for your mind like no other medium could. Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thrones lore said, “The mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone.” Reading keeps your thinking sharp and on point, so keep at it! Start going to bookstores.


Watch a really nice movie.

Have you seen the Godfather? The Shawshank Redemption? How about The Sound of Music? It’s A Beautiful Life? Movies have the power to influence quickly and thoroughly. They make us laugh and cry, sad or angry, even depressed at times. But it’s also a fact that a really nice movie can also inspire us and challenge us to do something great in life. This may sound funny to some, but way back in the nineties, Batman Forever inspired me. I can’t really recall how or why – all I know that it stirred something in me that empowers me up to this day. Find movies that makes you feel, think, and act.



This is one surefire-way to fill us up with beautiful sights, wonderful memories, and experiences that will make us feel alive again. You can travel alone, or you could have travel buddies – whichever works for you. But go places. Realize this: we live and work in the Middle East. From here, we can go to many parts of the world, sometimes even visa free, and most importantly, at very low costs. Take advantage of this. See the world.


Talk to someone with sense.

Many of us don’t realize this, we waste so much of our precious time talking with people about a lot of non-sense. It can be hard to find people who stimulate us intellectually, but they are out there. You just have to try a little harder. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation – to invite people we feel can click with you. And when you’ve found each other, maintain that relationship.


Join a worthwhile cause.

Some people feel empty because they do not know their purpose for living. They do not feel that their existence matters. This can change as we embrace a cause that can make a difference in people’s lives. Find a void in the society and fill it with your dedication and talent. Look around. See what is lacking in the planet. Somewhere out there, people need you.


Be a part of a spiritual community.

Thank God that nowadays, especially in Dubai UAE, various groups are allowed to practice their faith in areas designated by the government where religious activities could be held. Being part of a spiritual community connects you to different kinds of people and exposes you to different experiences in life. It gets you to pray, to worship, to study, to listen. To many people, this truly fills the emptiness they feel inside.


Love again.

Get into a new romantic relationship. Make friends. Rekindle old friendships. Help someone helpless. Adopt. If there is emptiness within you, choose to fill it with positivity. Why opt for hate and bitterness, when you can just as easily opt for hope and love? When all else fails, turn to love. Love yourself. Love those who are around you.

If you feel empty, remember this, it’s not the end. You can do something about it. Live. Life is beautiful.



Spiritual advisor. Life Coach. Rockstar. Roman Guevara, better known as “Kuya Roman,” has made an indelible mark in the Filipino community in the GCC with his unique brand of empowerment. In this issue, he talks about how what people should do when they feel empty. Get in touch with him on Facebook:




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