Jose Bienvenido Balitian




What role does fashion play in your daily life? 

Fashion excites me in a way that I could translate my sense of style into my daily activities.  The best morning is waking up in my Masini & Chern pyjamas, sipping Americano and browsing my favorite design websites.

As a stylist for a sports and fitness online shopping website, it’s crucial for me to understand what’s trending and how I can associate athleticism into fashion.

Do you consider the “regular you” a fashionable person? 

I could suggest where to find art, designs, creative projects and cool events in Dubai. I also know where to sit for afternoon tea or dine into places where you could bring your dog to get cute Instagram feed. If that counts to be fashionable then it’s a yes!


What do you typically wear daily? 

Aside from living in a “desert”, my work requires a lot of activities, I’m a contributor as well for a city guide website ( Loose tops, Denim and sneakers are my essentials.


Wearing It Well: Jose Bienvenido Balitian



What’s your favorite thing to wear? 

White crisp shirt and perfume.


What can’t you live without? 

I work out 5 times in a week, so I’ll say it’s my sportswear.


What is your fashion philosophy?

Today is “ The Day “ so wear your favorite clothes, smell good, get caffeinated and be confident.



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