What Women Really Need In A Relationship

Tracy Ley – Dubai, UAE

Time and time again, I see and hear women discussing what they want and need in a relationship.  I would like to believe that through observing the relationship of my friends, engaging in several of my own relationships and trying to openly understand all different types of people and connections, I think I have a good grasp on what women really want.  Now, I am not saying men should do all the work, as we all know that it takes two to tango, but men do need a bit of guidance sometimes. So if you’re a dude and you’re reading this, you’re welcome.


To Be Loved

I think most women are hopeless romantic in nature. When you love us and nurture us, we become 10 times the woman we are.  We are happier, we will smile more often, and we will cater to you and sing you songs that you haven’t heard before. Love us consistently, properly, and respectfully and you will have a great woman. It is easy to understand the emotions of a woman when she is in love. If she loves you then you will always be on her mind every minute of the day and she would love to stay connected to you all the time. If she keeps calling you or texting you it doesn’t mean she has nothing else to do in her life. Just remember she is taking out time from her busy schedule just to give her and time and attention to you. If she shows jealousy towards other women in your life, it means she just can’t share your attention with anyone else. If she says sorry for no fault of hers it means she just loves you and she doesn’t want to make you feel bad for whatever you did to upset her. If she keeps forgiving you for your mistakes and accepts you back in her life again and again it simply means that she loves you and you are really important to her and she treasures your relationship with her. If she is truly in love with you she can go to any extent to show her love and affection.


To Feel Safe

We want our partner to let us feel that we are safe with them; to tell us that everything is okay even when they aren’t; to let us know that no matter what happens they will be there for us. We want you to trust our strength and feel like you can handle us and our situation.  We want to know that you will never leave our side when the going gets tough. Every woman needs emotional safety and security in her relationship. She needs a man who can keep her heart safe. If a woman loves a man from the depths of her heart, she can deal with all his bad habits. A woman can deal with a man who can’t keep his room clean or who cant keep his shoes in place but she cannot deal with a man who cant keep his heart in one place. She can even deal with his laziness and his laid back attitude but she cannot cope with his flirtatious behavior. If he can’t earn money to support her she can even go out and work to support him financially but she cannot support his extra marital affairs. She just can’t cope up with emotional and physical cheating. Every woman needs a man with a strong character whom she can admire for the rest of her life and be proud of choosing.


To Be Seen

We want you to pay attention to us every now and then and appreciate the little things we do to make ourselves more attractive. But beyond aesthetics, we also want you to notice if we are sad, hurt or lonely. After all, communication is the key to any relationship.  We want you to hear our cries and be aware of our emotional state.


To Be Trusted, Respected, and Treated with Dignity

If you don’t have feelings for a woman — one who is pouring her heart and soul into your relationship — let her know it and be honest. Stop stringing her along like a doll. She is only human; thus, she will only act as her emotions tell her. Trust the woman you are in a relationship with.  This is the foundation of any relationship. You cannot get the love of a woman if you keep doubting her and keeping tabs on her. You won’t be able to stay in a relationship with her if you are always spying on her, checking her phone all the time and questioning her about the people she meets. It is okay to be jealous sometimes, but you cannot suffocate her by being possessive and suspicious all the time. Before you even love a woman, you need to trust her first and then think of being with her for the long haul. You need to respect the woman you love so that she can also respect you back. There is nothing left in a relationship if trust and respect are lost.


To Be Appreciated

A man may say it, but a woman gets it done. We will do anything and everything for the one we love. You men might beg to differ, but you know this is true.  I believe that the fastest way to ruin and run your relationship to the ground is when you take us for granted and do not appreciate us.  Appreciate what we bring to your life and make sure you aware of it. Know a good woman when you have one.  Treat us right and we will treat you better. Hold on to us and realize that you are fortunate enough to meet one woman who can become your soul mate.


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