Artist Spotlight: Rafael Gregor Valencia

Rafael Gregor Valencia

(Digital Addict)

Art Director, Illustrator, Street Photographer

According to Rafael Gregor Valencia, “I got into art simply out my frustration to create. I stick to it because I want to create without a reason. I’m an Art Director by day, and everything I do in the day has a reason. My personal work has none, yet it exists to please me.”



Illustrator Rafael Valencia

I do Illustration and Street Photography. I like doing them because they are fun to do. Street photography is where I capture things that make me happy, and illustration is for when I draw things I just happen to be into. My photography influences my illustration, where I tend to recently do illustrations that look like street label look books. I like designing some of the clothes and patterns, mixing whatever I like or suits the character I’m drawing.

Rafael Valencia Art Director & Photograpny

I mainly do most of my creation lately on my iPad Pro. It’s a nice comfortable experience, and the iPad pencil gives the illustration experience the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I use an Olympus em5mk2 for photos, I like this particular camera as it’s versatile and lets me take gorgeous night photos without a tripod. This set-up really lets me experiment and enhance my craft.

Street Photography Rafael Gregor Valencia

My highlights have been working with the Brownmokeys. Collaborating with them has allowed me to channel my skills differently, and challenged me artistically. Through them, I’ve improved not only my personal work, but created my own niche that enhances my skill set in the work place as well. I even had my first exhibition with Brownmonkeys called Wasta in 2014 at FN Design Gallery – Alserkal Avenue.

Street Photography Rafael Valencia

The hardest part of art or staying creative is sticking to it. Just keep working, but try to find purpose in doing it, even if it’s just to entertain yourself.

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