Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Pascual


Visual Artist


Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Pascual


My Art

I’m into visual arts – Sketching, Drawing & Painting as well as sharing the skill to the younger generation and even to the adults as a hobby or a preparation for their career path in arts or design related course. Since childhood, I was actively involved in the arts as it was part of the subjects and activities in school. At home, I grew up with an environment of architects through my uncles. I have started sketching diagrams and also going with them if they have site visits. But I have decided to divert on Fine Arts rather than in Architecture for a change.


Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Pascual


Art can be a therapeutic activity. It makes me more focused. Creating something gives me a sense of immediate accomplishment that people may like or not, I love what I have done. It may be good or bad as it’s part of the creative learning process.

I engaged into it seriously when I went away from home for about a month at the age of 12 wherein I have met professional artists who have their art shops for portraiture drawing, painting, signboards and streamers for ads.

Eventually, I also started my own home based art shop. Work on visual aids for schools, signage, sketches, portraits for gifts and other material.


My Process

From personal portrait commission that I do is based on their preferred photos but I do it with an unfinished effect and catch the emotion and likeness of the person.


Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Pascual


With other works, I based them on my ideas, feelings and comments on such daily events which seems ordinary but contributes to the meaning and purpose of life. I do sketch studies and take photos of places and people they go through the photos and find something interesting to design and compose an artwork. On commissioned works it’s a balance between the artist’s and client’s preference. But mostly, client’s just let me do what I think would be best.


My Journey Thus Far

Art has played a major part on my personal development. It gives me a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Doing art is self-satisfactory but teaching art goes beyond a social concern. For me, I consider teaching or mentoring as a social service. It may be a career preparation for others, the youth or just a fulfillment of a childhood dream to become an artist.


Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Pascual


I have participated in various competitions in the Philippines but as I work here abroad in the Middle East just keeps my radar on competitions and events that I can participate in. After further studies and international art exposure, I wish to start up my own Classical Atelier in the Philippines to advocate on the revival of Classical Art Movement and equip the younger generations with skills and methods that can be applied on their art related pursuits.


My advice to my fellow artists

Have a long term plan on what one desires to achieve and break it down into action steps. Plan ahead and have a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Start with the end in mind and evaluate one’s action if is it moving towards the end in mind or not. Team-up, build a team. Success can never be achieved alone. Train oneself not just as a skillful artist but also as a resourceful and innovative entrepreneur.


Artist Spotlight: Ronnie Pascual


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