BrownMonkeys: The Urban Artists

Formed in 2007, the eight member Brownmonkeys is a collective based in Dubai – purveyors of the lowbrow urban art movement in the region. Featured in Illustrado in 2007, the group is composed of multi-disciplinary artists – graphic designers, illustrators, painters, musicians, photographers and videographers, who represent today’s youthful independent-slash-underground spirit.  They coined the name ‘Brownmonkeys’ referring to the Filipino color as well as the group’s decidedly playful approach to art.

Through their significant projects and consistent show of talent in recent years, the Brownmonkeys have gained popularity and respect from the creative community in Dubai.  Just recently, they joined the Dubai-based project ‘My Name is Robot’ at The Jam Jar, and participated at the prestigious Sharjah Biennial, one of the most celebrated cultural events in the Arab world and by far the region’s largest exhibition of contemporary art.

Although the artworks of the group are mostly skewed towards street and the lowbrow approach, style is not something constant with each member having a different talent and approach.  Even then, what keeps this team united is their passion and playfulness.  According to the group, “We are unique because we offer an alternative approach to contemporary art and design, keeping the whole work process fun and without inhibition.”

Browse through this gallery to take a peek at their works of art.