Celebrate Filipino culture around the world with the Fili XP video series

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) together with Para Sa Sining (PSS) and Philippine Embassies launch a video series called “Fili XP” that peers into the overseas Filipino experience. The online performances will be streamed daily and will be available to the public for free on the DFA Facebook page from December 18 to 24.

Fili XP features narratives on notions of the Filipino identity, contemporary life of the overseas Filipino, and imagined futures inspired by individual & collective aspirations of the global Filipino community. With this project, the DFA aims to promote solidarity and friendship among the Filipino global community, celebrate Filipino culture through the various artistic collaborations and present narratives on identity, struggles, triumphs and aspirations of overseas Filipinos while recognizing their contributions to communities around the world.

The series is composed of seven (7) collaborative performance videos of various Filipino artists from the Philippines, UAE, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, UK and Italy. The project will culminate with a documentary narrating the life of overseas Filipinos, perceptions on Filipino identity, aspirations and contributions to international communities on December 25.

The series features Filipino talents from the international community, including singer Tapati, photographer Geloy Concepcion and boyband sensation SB19. Full artist profiles may be found on the Para Sa Sining Instagram page (@parasasining) as well as their respective collaborations. This project aligns with PSS’s vision of building a culture of inclusion through collaborative art.


The Department of Foreign Affairs is the official government body that oversees the foreign relations of the Philippines. It serves to promote and protect Philippine interests in the global community.

Para Sa Sining is a collective of cultural changemakers. Its main vision is to build a culture of inclusion through: re/discovering identities; moving lives; and developing co-creators. Para Sa Sining’s mission is to create a collective of cultural changemakers through collaborative art practice.