Filipino UAE : It’s What I do

Filipino UAE : It’s What I do

A peek at the lives of professional Filipinos in the UAE


Head – Commercial Producer of Channel 4 Coast FM

What I do for a living

Dubai is sweeping the revolution of media very significantly. My passionate attitude, excitement, commitment and personal touch have given me the opportunity to become Head Radio Commercial Producer. Producing commercials in Arabic, Hindi and English is fun using the latest technology and techniques available, while applying my creative streak and seasoned judgment. I work in an industry where I am given the chance to come up with my own ideas and be personally involved in developing, nurturing and executing these for broadcast in different networks.

Staying in the radio industry job is tough and competitive. However I truly believe I have an edge due to my flexibility, creativity, independence and superb interpersonal skills which allow me to function effectively on-the-job. Personally, I gain a lot of satisfaction from challenging myself and succeeding.


My typical working day

Playing music improves one’s concentration and brain function, so my typical work day starts with playing and listening to music. It’s just like my morning coffee, without it, I am not able to start any recording. Out here, they are fond of UK and US voice over talents, hence, work starts 4 hours after 9AM daily and Thursday is my “Nightmare Thursday.” Sending voice overs late afternoon requires me to stay very late at work to ensure the job order is achieved on the day. High volume requests come before the weekend and airing is mostly over the weekend too.

Dealing with different network presenters and hearing my produced radio commercial on-the-air and shared with other sister radio stations is very fulfilling. It makes me forget the daily grind.

Another thing that’s exciting in my job is that I get to meet local and international artists visiting to promote their latest gig at the station, especially with my involvement with the breakfast shows from previous radio stations like Radio One and Radio 2. It becomes even more personal when you get to bond with the artist after the show and they become your friend for the day.



Manager, Banqueting – Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

What I do for a living

I work in a capacity of Banquet Operations Manager in Atlantis – The Palm. I handle social events and conferences including high profile events where guests include prominent local and international politicians and celebrities. Part of my main task is to develop and enhance the competencies of our staff through comprehensive training and workshops. This is to ensure that we maintain top class five-star hotel service.We are even extending our services outside the hotel, if guests request to have a private event in their own residence.

I started my career in banking in the Philippines right after I earned my accountancy degree. Five years later, I jumped into the hospitality field here in Dubai, starting modestly as a waiter in December 2004 at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers. In 2006, I was promoted as Team Leader in the same company.

By October 2008, Atlantis – The Palm gave me chance to join the organization as Assistant Manager. After we showcased what Filipinos could do at the workplace, I was then promoted to the post of Operations Manager in 2011.I was part of the Grand Opening of Atlantis – The Palm in 2008.  We had almost 4,500 guests including celebrities like was Michael Jordan, whom I had the chance to meet and chat with.

The most memorable events I have handled so far are the Philippine Independence Day and the recent TernoBall hosted by the Philippine Consulate General and Illustrado, respectively. These events brought me back to my younger days of “Maria Clara and Juan dela Cruz,” especially during the performance of our cultural dances.

My typical working day

Being in a service oriented field, I work five days a week and I do not have regular days off as it usually varies according to the requirement of the business. However, I do make sure that I give quality time to my wife and son, who are with me here in Dubai. In the morning, I always make time to drop my lovely wife at work, and pick her up in the evening.

Message to kababayans out there

Never stop dreaming. Make God the center of your lives and everything will follow. Doing a good job at work is what is expected from us, doing an excellent job is what makes us different!




Executive Secretary & Admin Assistant – Actavis


What I do for a living

I am an Executive Assistant/ PA to Middle East, Greece and Turkey Management Team, and an Administration Assistant and Local Contracts Administrator for Actavis, a multinational pharmaceutical company with global headquarters in Europe and the U.S.A.

What’s interesting about this role is that you can rise to the challenge of wearing different hats at any given time.  There is a variety of things to accomplish, projects to work on and exposure to arrangements of different sorts.  There will always be an opportunity to bring out your best ability in problem solving and trouble shooting, on different scenarios. You can develop a lot of skills as well as meet and engage in discussions with well-experienced people from diverse nations.

My typical day

A typical working day for me means coming to the office before everyone else does. I make an initial check of the office, make notes of office concerns and check the admin calendar.  Then, I tend to new emails. When the directors arrive, I discuss with them of what they need my assistance for – new meetings to arrange, new requests to facilitate, documents to be printed, filed, presented, research to be carried out, projects to accomplish, among other requirements.  After addressing all the directors’ priorities, I would look into my travel, hotel or group meeting arrangements that are not solely for the executives but also for clients and employees.

I visit anything pending that needs follow up with my commercial agreements; update the contract database whenever necessary; produce documents whenever required.  I take the phone, screen the calls, cover the reception in case our office assistant runs errands, welcome guests and perform other duties.

As there as so many things a PA like me does for the directors on daily basis, in general, all of these things make an impact and affect the busy lives of the executives.  The executives rely heavily on the PA, entrusting work will be done efficiently even in their absence.  A PA should never take no for an answer, because there is always a way to get things done.  Being in a job like this is already a remarkable thing!


Message to kababayans out there

Put passion in everything that you do and believe in yourself.  Be kind and humble and thank God for all the blessings coming your way.