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The Filipino Social Club (FILSOC) 

Community Organization

Photo by: Jireh Gavena

Rising Filipino civil society organization – the Filipino Social Club (FilSoc) – recently gained the license to operate from the Community and Development Authority (CDA). A feat that is not easily achieved, this significant attainment marks collective growth for Pinoys across the emirates, highlighting the UAE’s burgeoning interest to engage with the Filipino community. On top of supporting future initiatives by the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and the Dubai Government, FilSoc endeavors to expedite volunteerism for non-profit social, cultural, welfare, and entertainment-related community activities to promote intra-societal support and participation.

Branching out beyond the community and endorsing the Philippines in more global avenues, is an effective way to elevate the world’s view of the Filipino, according to president Eriscon Reyes. He shares: “We shall be collaborating with many other social clubs in Dubai, as well as other nationalities’ community services. FilSoc is primarily for Filipinos, but some of our programs will involve the global community like the CDA-proposed Dubai International Youth Festival in 2021.”

FilSoc’s founding members are Ericson P. Reyes (President), Cesar B. Mora (Vice President), Jomana A. Mohammed (Secretary), Orandantes M. Delizo (Treasurer), Olympia R. Pineda (Auditor), Arthur Lawrence A. Los Baños (PRO), Wendell T. Castro (Board Member), Gina T. Salazar (Board Member), Ahmad Almatrooshi (Board Member), Matilyn V. Bagunu (Founding Member), Marilyn Roscales Kasimieh (Founding Member), and Alan S. Bacason (Adviser and Legal Representative).


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