IAIAD Launches its First Edition with a Fabulous Fashion Experience at the Dubai Mall

-The Dubai Mall’s Infinity Des Lumieres, the Region’s Largest Immersive Digital Art Centre will be the official venue of IAIAD’s Summer 2022 fashion show-

-Fashion Couturiers Ezra Santos, Atelier Zuhra and Amato Couture are set to showcase their collections along with retail giant Splash Fashions- 

Dubai, UAE – June 2022 – New fashion platform It’s All In A Day “IAIAD” is set to launch its first edition with a one-day experience of fabulous fashion at the Region’s Largest Immersive Digital Art Centre – Infinity Des Lumieres at The Dubai Mall on 23 June 2022.

The immersive fashion event will showcase Summer 2022 collections of some of the region’s most recognized couture designers including Ezra Santos, Atelier Zuhra and Amato Couture along with retail giant Splash Fashions.

“Each show will be presented as a spectacular, one-of-a-kind experience. With a future-oriented and futuristic digital art display as our setting, it is set to take fashion to a whole different level.” says Kevin Oliver, founder and creative director of IAIAD. “In a City of the Future like Dubai, the only way to move forward is through innovation,” he added.

Josh Yugen further commented: “The fashion industry in Dubai is very distinct and has a lot of character. With a true melting pot of international talent, it is increasingly setting international trends and quickly becoming the new fashion hotspot.” 

With IAIAD’s vision of bringing the region’s creative talents together, it is set to become a must-attend fashion event of the season.


A true fashion couturier, Ezra Santos has been in the fashion industry for more than two decades. The fashion stalwart is considered one of the most influential figures in the Middle East fashion industry.  His modern classic design sensibility with a twist has over the years, won him the patronage and undying loyalty of impressive lists of clientele that includes members of Arab and European royalties and equally discerning women of repute and opulence.

Ezra will showcase his latest collection titled Nazomi, meaning hope in Japanese, as he looks back at past events with hopes and aspirations for the future.


A fashion house run by Rayan Al Sulaimani, one of the Top 40 Women behind Middle Eastern brands listed by Forbes Middle East, Atelier Zuhra is a brand built with legacy that is firmly rooted in its heritage, craftsmanship and bespoke creations.

The newest Thread of Life collection will showcase the idea of a voyage of discovery – a story told through the details of cut and construction, a narrative embedded in cloth. There’s something magical and evocative about each masterpiece for the anonymity of a lining begins to take centre stage.


As the largest fashion retailer in the Middle East, Splash offers an extensive, ready-to-wear collection of popular clothing for men, women and teens. Splash believes in constantly being a trend-setter in the region with a commitment to sustainability.

Paying homage to the rich cultural diversity of the region, Splash is set to launch their Eid collection that is an amalgamation of luxe colors, whimsical prints, and intriguing textures. Playful paisley and ditzy abstracts along with fresh accents of aquamarine elevate the Women’s collection with delicate details that shine with optimism and joy while the men’s festive fits feature flaming oranges and tans anchoring audacious animal prints in editorial silhouettes. 

Drawing from the significance of 2022 being the ‘Year of the Tiger’, the collection exudes with magnetic energy and feral vivacity of the animal in intricate prints and details. An inclusive, sustainable, and triumphant collection designed to match global sensibilities with modest flair, this Eid, Splash celebrates the desert and its glorious people through this enchanting sartorial tribute. 


Amato, which means ‘beloved’ in Italian, is the brainchild of the multi-awarded creative designer Furne One who fearlessly shows out-of-the-box, unconventional yet outstandingly chic collections. Not a trend follower, he uses his fabric as a canvas for creating ensembles that are not only fashionable but artistic as well. 

Amato is set to showcase a special collection close to his heart featuring his first-ever Male Muse Sajad Pourhasan. The collection is inspired by his spirituality and inner sanctum – a journey between balancing good and evil, confronting all fears and facing an uncertain world.