It’s What I Do: Pretty Dumadag – Filipino Professional

About my Job:

I am currently Senior Architect at one of the Local Architectural and Engineering offices in Dubai with an Unlimited Dubai Municipality License. I am also a certified ISO Auditor, and at the same time, I run my own company

My Career Milestones:

I play a pivotal role in ensuring that our team are in open communication with governmental building approval bodies, while also ensuring that our team is aligned with the latest in design code and knowledge. During my 7 years in the company, I was awarded with the ‘Epitome of Teamwork’ award via unanimous vote.

In my 14 years working in Dubai, one of my greatest highlights came when I was entrusted to be Project Manager Cum Senior Interior Designer for the largest Infiniti car showroom in the world. The building has been received with a standing ovation by the directors of Infiniti Worldwide, with a 100% delivery rating. With this, we were also awarded to design and manage the Infiniti Workshop, which was completed successfully. I have also been tasked to handle the business centre AW Rostamani Group.   

I’m proud to say that I’ve had a colorful career, previously working in Darussalam, Brunei as a Project Coordinator Cum Interior Designer. We designed and refurbished the largest palace in the world, Darul Iman, as well as Darul Hana. In Dubai, I owe my mentor, Abdulla Al Nehar, a great deal for showing me the ropes of navigating governmental bodies and believing in my capacity as an architect. Now that I’ve started my own company back in the Philippines, I can definitely say that success is now at our doorstep, and we just need to step forward and grab the opportunity.

My Typical Workday:

My Dubai workday starts with checking business emails and messages from my collaborators in the Philippines. With the 4 hour time difference, I have to catch up as early as possible to ensure I am aware of what’s happening. When I begin my full time job, I normally review pending tasks, contact government offices. My weekdays are very occupied as I have to track progress and coordinate with our design teams, contractors, and sub-consultants.

Although I just started my company in the Philippines, I’m happy to say that we’ve received positive feedback, recommendations, and that we’re working to fulfil design queries.

Every day I am thankful for all the opportunities and blessings my family and friends are continuously receiving. Every weekend I make sure I to spend quality time with my family through video calls and meet friends for coffee or barbecue. Keeping connected to our loved ones keeps us rooted to our goals and allows us to dream bigger.

My Message to fellow Filipinos:

I am still striving to grow as a person, so my advice to fellow Filipinos is to not settle for less. Strive to be better and learn to diversity, because what you earn now is not forever, so invest and let money work for you. Save when you’re young, don’t lean on a single income, and don’t be lured into material things. Learn new skills, continuously study and always look back on who you were to remember your purpose. Keep your foot rooted, and be thankful for what you achieve. Give back to your community, educate the younger generation and be an inspiration. At the end of the day, we’ll all go home, so let’s bring luggage full of amazing stories about experiences, overcoming challenges, and chasing your dreams.

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