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Thoughtleader – Jevily Florida Painagan

Entrepreneur & Fitness Professional

Photo by: Jef Anog

Entrepreneur Jevily Florida Painagan of events management company Florida Entertainment, is most prominent for being a yoga ambassador to the fitness community whose work in recent years, had been devoted to spreading health awareness to a greater audience.

Jevily has been active in organizing the Dubai Fitness Challenge, participating in community yoga exercises and representing the Palmers Middle East campaign, as well as being an ambassador for Greenteax50 me. Last year, she piloted Forever alive, her first yoga retreat, which was held in Phuket, Thailand. This year, the second one is set for May in scenic Siargao, Philippines.

A firm believer in the concept that health should be holistic and that people should self-care for their bodies as well as their minds, Florida encourages people to be kind to themselves and offers this piece of advice, β€œThe more we give ourselves the space to fail, the more chances for us to succeed. Avoid judging yourselves for past mistakes. It’s all good. We are all doing the best we can at any given time, taking what we know. As and when opportunities arrive, be ready to take on the challenge of putting what you don’t yet know to the test. That’s where all the fun is!”


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