Famous Kpop idol Group MustB to perform at Asiana Hotel this Friday!

On July 29th 2022, K-Pop Idol group MustB will be performing at Boracay, Asiana Hotel in front of Dubai fans!

MUSTB is an abbreviation of “Must Believe”, a message from the band to their fandom, aptly named “Muffins”.

Members Taegeon, Wooyeon, Doha, Soohyun, and Sihoo founded the band in 2019. Due to their talent and commitment, the group established themselves in the music market relatively fast. The five members have been active in the artistic field since 2015 – as models, singers, dancers, and even working with famous idol group, BTS. 

The K-Pop concert will be the highlight of a full Korean Fiesta night – where more surprises and activities await fans. Event goers will have the opportunity to meet MustB up close for a meet&greet, and even dance dance together to today’s trending K-Pop hits alongside popular dance crews. MustB themselves also claimed to have a special surprise for two of Dubai’s fan groups – BTS Army’s and Stray Kids’ Stays.

Guests will also take part in a Korean Wave Experience, immersing themselves in beautiful Korean customs, arts, crafts, beauty, dance, food and pop culture. 

The event is organized by SONE Studios – a label of SONE Corporation, an event management, artist representation and music production company focused on the Korean market and entertainment. They have partnered up for a second time with Choego Club, the Korean culture-focused community led by Emirati youth.

Tickets now available online on Virgin Megastore Tickets and in-store, in every branch across the United Arab Emirates. 

For more information, follow SONE Studios and Choego Club on social media: 

Website: www.sone-corp.com 

IG: @sone.studios, @choego_club

Twitter: @sonestudios; TikTok: @sone.studios