Filipino Fashion: Minutiae Madness

Filipino Fashion: Minutiae Madness

For the want of a hat, a bag was lost

For the want of a dress, crystals and pins were lost, 

For the want of something to wear, a teapot was lost

Lose yourself in the insane indulgence of excessive details in eye popping accessories used to embellish like never before


Photography by: Eros Goze; Post-Processing: Tom Bolivar; Hair, Make-up & Styling: Ginno Alducente

Model: Gwendoline Ruais

 Coffee, Tea or Kitty?

White Japanese-inspired headpiece ensemble and neckbrace by Amato Haute Couture; Swarovski crystallized brassier and necklace by Garimon Roferos

 Hardcore Fusion

Clutch bags by Lea Forteza; metal spikes headband, bejeweled fishnet stockings and gloves, Swarovski crystallized brassiere, laser cut fiberglass necklace, bobby pin belt, all by Garimon Roferos; feathers and aviator sunglasses, stylist’s own.

Oriental Pandemonium

Southeast Asian fusion headpiece by Amato Haute Couture, matched with Indian-inspired jewelry by Izhcka Zeta

Aeronautic Delirium

Black aviator cap, black ring and blue scarf – stylist’s own; “Million Dollar Brassiere,” safety pins bustier and bracelets, black Swarovski crystallized pin cuffs, all by Garimon Roferos

Vintage Vanity

Red dress with Peruvian prints scarf, stylists own; golden statement neckpiece, Swarovski crystallized wire headgear with fiber glass molding by Izhcka Zeta; bejeweled fishnet stockings and gloves by Garimon Roferos; clutch by Leah Forteza