These social media influencers have taken the “blogging” game to another level and it’s time to get real with them!


Aisa Ipac * Manila

IG: @paxiness


Aisa is not a rookie in the fashionsphere. She’s been here for years and definitely not going anywhere! If you’re in need of some sartorial inspiration, you’re in luck because this chic is a fashion stylist by profession.aisa ipac aisa ipac


Mikyle Quizon * Manila


If you’re still not sure that your personal style would work for you or too scared to spruce up your wardrobe, take this guy as a living example on how to make that outfit work. This guy is definitely a men’s style rockstar!mikyle quizon mikyle quizon


Vern & Verniece Enciso * Manila

IG: @vernenciso @vernieceenciso

Bloggers We LoveReal-life sisters Vern & Verniece are the bloggers behind the “A Blog by Vern & Verniece Enciso”. These two are powerhouses in the local blogging scene in Manila and have captured the attention of other countries too!



Vern & Vernice
NOTE: They are not twins. *wink*

Check-out their website to see inspiration on your next travel destination, #ootd, beauty and many more!



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