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The Boys of Illustrado


There are cute boys, and handsome boys. Sporty boys, and bookish boys. There are boys who enjoy playing the Knights In Shining Armor, and then there are boys who don’t mind playing the role of Steve Trevor to their Wonder Women. And then there are the Boys of the Illustrado sort. Global. Switched on. Intelligent without being condescending. Handsome but not frivolous. Can’t say there are plenty of them out there, but if there were, they wouldn’t be worth the feature, now would they?

We, #TeamIllustrado, together with some of our regular contributors who like to fancy themselves as somewhat of Boy Experts, sat down to discuss the types of guys who best represent the Illustrado zeitgeist. Maybe in another issue we can talk about #BoysWeDontLike. But for now, let’s keep it sweet, not salty.


BOYS OF ILLUSTRADO (Martin) The Irresistible Reprobate

DIMITRI TOLENAARS – Photo by Rozen Antonio

The Irresistible Reprobate

He is an outsider and he knows it. He doesn’t try to be “in,” but instead, enjoys his life and times on the fringe. He’s the boy you want to be with when you want to discuss ideas, and concepts, and meta’s and alpha’s of things, and art and meaning. He’s not just from the 90’s – He IS the 90’s. Calm and collected angst. Intelligence with a vengeance. Transcendence in black leather DM’s.


(The Sprezzatura guy) The Unapologetically Fashionable GuyJOHN SPAINHOUR – Photo by Herson Nebaya

The Unapologetically Fashionable Guy

This guy owns up to his vanity, and commits to it 100%. He doesn’t just fuss about his clothes – he approaches his style with the precision and attention to detail of an architect. He is always well put together. You will find no thread out of place. Some will say that his lifestyle is exhausting, but that’s what makes the Unapologetically Fashionable Guy so great. He understands that image is everything.


(Devon Spence) The AthleteDEVONE SPENCE – Photo by Irvin Rivera

The Athlete

He’s no Olympian but he certainly works out and eats like one. This boy is dedicated to health and fitness, and it shows. And it’s not just for the aesthetics, either. He’s about feeling strong and looking strong. He’s about eating well for the long term, and not going for silly “shred” diets that will rob his life of all joy. He’s after balance, and not just form.


(Don Mendoza) The MinimalistDON MENDOZA – Photo by Enzo Mondejar

The Minimalist

No muss, no fuss. Clean as a whistle, sharp as a razor. Some boys like to have more – this one likes to have less. Minimum frivolity for maximum impact. He attuned to his environment, hence he veers away from a life of excess. He overstates by understating.


(Carlo Ian) Global Vision, Native SoulCARLO ADORADOR – Photo by Filbert Kung and Glenn Peter Perez

Global Vision, Native Soul

The ultimate Illustrado guy – one who is proud of his Filipino roots, and is able to use his heritage to bravely propel himself forward into a vibrant world of diverse mindsets and cultures. The voice of our ancestors ring through his bones. His is the blood of heroes and champions. Galing ng Pinoy. Taas noo, Filipino. #Boyllustrado.



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