Travel Etiquette Tips for Global Pinoys : Do’s and Don’ts when visiting other countries

Travel Etiquette Tips : Do’s and Don’ts when visiting other countries


Seasoned Filipino globe trotters share basic travel etiquette tips for global Pinoys – the must do’s and don’ts to consider when we visit other countries.




Flight Attendant

Living in Dubai and working as a Flight Attendant, made it possible for me to see the world. I have been to 6 continents apart from Antartica.  Traveling broadens our horizons and also makes the world one big playground.

But there are some things we need to ponder when travelling.

Always plan your wardrobe. During a trip you are always on the go and travelling light keeps you from getting tired from lugging your bag around.  Knowing exactly what to wear saves preparation time. It also saves baggage space, so you have more room for shopping.

Read and know more about the places. Know the culture and the dress codes before you travel. It saves us the trouble of getting reprimanded and asked to leave, in case we act or are dress inappropriately.

Fresh produce is always the best. Bring “baon” only if you have specific or strict dietary requirements.  Book your hotels in a good location, even better if there is a fresh produce market.  Grab some local fruits and then pass by a deli to get a sandwich or salad to bring with you while on tour.  It’s cheap and convenient, saves baggage space and makes you feel like a local.

Clean up your mess. A little respect to our host country goes a long way.

Trust, listen and follow the tour guide. Back in 2006, I went with my Ninang Nita to the promise land. We were staying in bethlehem and we were told specifically not to go out when the bus drops us off after the tour.  I was with 4 pinays at that time. We went still went out against advice, and lo and behold, some shooting happened just 5 minutes away from where we are.  So please, don’t be “pasaway.”  Following instructions can save your life.

Travel Etiquette Tips for Global Pinoys : Do’s and Don’ts when visiting other countries



Brand Manager

In all my travels, it is refreshing to meet fellow Filipinos. It gives one a sense of pride realizing how, we too, as a race are well-travelled and exposed to the rest of the world.  Sometimes, however, we tend to be over excited or over eager that we act inappropriately. When travelling, being mindful as well as exercising respect and consideration of the country we are visiting are very important.

“When in Rome do as the Romans do.” There’s is a very thin line between dressing appropriately and flaunting.  It’s ok to dress well, but please be mindful of the customs of the place you are visiting. Be a responsible tourist and do your research, learn about the basic norms and adapt accordingly.

Observe and follow the rules. Being ready for security checking procedures. Be aware of airport security verification.  Avoid wearing complicated footwear and belts that you will have to remove. Make sure your bag does not have prohibited gadgets, excessive cosmetics / toiletries, even food, etc. Don’t be the cause of delay, so be ready with your travel documents and clothing.

Be respectful and considerate of others. Filipinos can be very noisy. We are a naturally happy bunch and love to enjoy every moment.  Nothing wrong with this, but let’s have fun with a touch of finesse!  This means keeping your voice at a reasonable volumes and actions/reactions in check.

Respect personal space and wait for your turn.   Know when and where to move, stop, stand, walk. Wait for your turn when boarding, allow for people to pass with ample space for them to walk through.  Walk on the left, stand on the right.   In the plane / bus where you are standing in the aisle, make sure the people in the row in front of you have a chance to exit before you start walking forward.  When you’re entering an elevator or a train or a metro, don’t stand directly in front of the doors when they open. Stand to the side, and let the people inside exit first.  In moving ramps or stairs, the right side is meant for stationary travelers, keeps the left side free moving.

Know these basic rules and enjoy your travels.

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